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One of the most sought after psychics and spiritual healer. Before coming to Bitwine Adam maintained a five star rating as a psychic and a love healer. No fluff and no unnecessary chit chat. Adam excels in getting relationship problems corrected and back on track. Why doesn’t he call or answer your messages? Why is she not warm and sweet like she used to be? When will you meet the right one? These are a few of the questions Adam delights in answering and guiding you into the perfect solution.

Many spirits are at work at all times some are good some are evil. It takes a psychic with strong spiritual guides like Adam has to break through and lead you back to where you want to be!

Adam is a master in working with people with love problems. The answers and the correct guidance is often surprising to people as everything works out the way you want it. You are not stupid nor are you unworthy of the right kind of love. Let Adam take you where you want to go in your life with his powerful spiritual guides.

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Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL Labor Relations 30 years spiritual guidance in psychic and relationship matters. I am an ordained minister and a teacher of the higher spiritual ways of God.


Previous successful experience as a psychic online. Many years experience counseling individuals in life’s affairs, such as occupation, relationships, personal goal achievment, harmonious relationship with the universe, self confidence, self esteem, social success. Also many years experience with major management consulting company as an executive analyst. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a multi million dollar business, with a problem, I can help you.

Sometimes a person just needs confirmation or an unbiased input to get on track. Or a minor tuneup and not a major overhaul. Contact me. Let’s do it now. Don’t live with problems, correct them.

A good life guide such as myself can make an altogether big difference in your quality of life; your happiness; your self esteem. Don’t settle for anything less than being filled with happiness and joy in life and your choice in partners and loved ones. And, being successful in all your endeavors.

Difficult situations may take a little while. Impossible situatiuons take a little longer. Adam is not a quitter. He gets the job done and wins. Everyone want to be associated with a winner. Adam Ross is your winner! Contact Adam today for the free chat and get acquainted time. Adam will tell you the truth as to whether he can help you and what it’s going to take to accomplish what you want. No BS.

Contact Adam today for the free get acquainted chat. Once you do you will know he is the right psychic for you!

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20 Oct 2011 satisfactory ranking k19

I was expecting so much more help and i felt he was just interested in payment.Its not fair Adam...u said u wud help me and read for me.....and u just closed up on me. I feel disappointed cos I really came back to u with trust, and you know that too. (And the time u spent was connection time and then discussing payment time......which all readers are supposed to do) I dont know, I saw his warm face and probably felt he would be helpful. Sigh!

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06 Aug 2011 excellent ranking I  (unregistered)

Knows his stuff... Great Work!

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06 Aug 2011 excellent ranking celtic64

Very well thought out

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26 Jul 2011 excellent ranking celtic64


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25 Jul 2011 excellent ranking celtic64

Very insightful and thorough

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