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Please kindly read the following before contacting me:

I don’t accept unregistered users.

I don’t do free readings so if you want one then please seek guidance elsewhere.

I will happily predict, guide, spiritually coach and counsel you in accordance with your needs. I have many tools with which to do this but they will be of your choosing, not mine. They may be Angel Cards, my guides, the runes or whatever you feel the most comfortable with. Whichever tools I use, however, I promise that I will give clarity, sensitivity and above all honesty in your reading – which is something I am sure you will appreciate.

Are you having a recurring dream which is bothering you in some shape or form? If so, please contact me giving details and I will gladly interpret its meaning for you.

Having a troublesome period in life and feel the need for support, spiritual guidance and empathy along the way? If so I shall happily negotiate discount terms with you should you require help over time.

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Angel Card readings

Spiritual Life Coaching & Counselling

Dream Interpretation

Empathy and Guidance

Email readings

As some of my colleagues may agree, degrees and qualifications, as good as they are, do not necessarily make a good psychic. What does make one, however, I feel, is life experience. After all, is life not but one big education? During the course of my readings, therefore, with the permission of my clients and the acknowledgement of my guides, I draw upon my own life experiences (of which there have been many) in order to connect with my client, understand my client and most importantly, guide them down the right path for themselves. I feel it is both a combination of qualifications and experience that allow me to do this.

The above said, my guides have always taught me that knowledge is indeed power and therefore I shall continue to educate myself in the psychic field and for this very reason am continuing to develop myself in tarot life coaching, manifestation and more!


It is true to say that spirit have walked with me over the last 39 years, since I was the tender age of 16. In fact I remember way back then, the year being 1976, when I was one sunny summer evening walking our dogs with my late sister, Sheila, when, on this stroll, I predicted the engagement of two young people, which actually took place just three days later. At first I put this down to mere coincidence but after that I began to have more and more visions of what the future entailed, for both myself and others and soon came to the conclusion that what I was experiencing weren’t simply coincidences but indeed information from a higher source.

Since then, with both my sister’s help, I decided to develop my skills more and more and began by studying the most beautiful Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle Cards. I have used them for some 10 years now and continue to gain wisdom and guidance from their application in order to help people in ALL aspects of their lives.

The above said, it is true to say that some people are more comfortable with a more indirect approach to a reading. For this very reason I decided to do email readings and have continued to provide these for the last eight years or so.

Whatever form of divination tools I use, be they Angel or Tarot, rune or crystal, my guides have always taught me the importance of leaving my clients in an empowered place. For this very reason I have educated myself where spiritual coaching is concerned, in order to help the client to help themselves. Happily, this approach has helped many clients, from all around the globe, including those I have met via Bitwine, where I have happily been giving readings for a number of years now.

During the course of educating myself in the psychic field over the last 39 years or so, one of my greatest passions has been that of manifestation via the Law of Attraction. Why I put this is because my guides have always taught me that the future is not simply predictable but it is actually influential as well. How empowering is that? Therefore, after having taken a look at an individual’s particular set of circumstances, I will give the relevant advice as to whether or not their circumstances could or, in fact, should be changed.

I am also an experienced writer and over the forthcoming months will be putting together some free advice on a number of issues from psychic development to problem solving. These articles shall be sent to the client, with their prior approval, via email (through Bitwine of course), after they have had a reading with me. These pieces of advice can be considered, I feel, as a little gift from myself, i.e. a thank you for allowing me the read for them. As I have considerable years experience in both writing and psychic development, plus am well versed in personal growth (another subject I have been studying for some 10 years now), I trust that all those who read my articles and follow the advice shall benefit from them, in addition to any reading they may have with me.

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23 Feb 2020 excellent ranking sapatsanun

She is so accurate! She mentioned things I did not tell her. Everything she was makes sense and is spot on. She typed fast and was clear in her delivery. Was kind enough to continue answering my question even when the money runs out. She is wonderful!

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30 Jan 2020 excellent ranking prinku

Very goood nice picked well thanks

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30 Jan 2020 excellent ranking froggiegirl80

She’s so good!! Thanks Jennifer

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06 Dec 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Snowball (unregistered)

She was sugar sweet but I felt she was money hungry too. I felt her advice was very very generic and not worth the money spent on her.

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09 Nov 2019 excellent ranking libby81

Lovely energy and super in tune. Thank you!

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