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Please read these terms and conditions prior to making your call. You are required to agree to these terms and conditions before a reading will be offered to you. Failure to do so will result in the reading being terminated before any payment is taken from yourself.

Whatever your preferred means of divination, be that angel cards or spiritual guidance, I will carry out for you. Please kindly bear in mind the following before booking your reading:

a) You will be given three full minutes to connect with me and after that the charge will begin. If you do not wish to proceed any further or feel you have not connected, then the reading will terminate at that point. Respectfully, I will not continue for free and neither will I answer questions in the back office.

b) Prior to funds running out, you will be made aware of this and given the opportunity to continue or not. Please do not reject the charge and expect further questions to be answered freely as it does not work that way.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Angel Card reader with over 12 years experience.

Dream Analysis expert with over 20 years experience.

Spiritual Life Coach and guide with over 10 years experience.

Law of Attraction Practitioner with over 30 years experience.


Over the last 40 years, I have gained much experience in working in many aspects of the spiritual field. Today, I wish to bring that knowledge to you in the form of a reading and/or spiritual/psychic advice and guidance – whichever you would prefer!

Indeed my experience in working with spirit has allowed me to help people from all corners of the globe with their relationships, careers, jobs, family issues and life’s challenges. – thus enabling them to go in the right direction in life, while enjoying their earthly experience along the way!

As well as being highly spiritually gifted, I have had many challenging experiences of my own to deal with, including:

a troubled childhood;

the effects of alcoholism that I witnessed from those in my family circle;

job loss;



premature birth at the age of 42;

having a child (who is now a teenager) with both ADHD and Autism;

Depression in family members.

While it has to be said that first and foremost, I HAVE to be predictive should you decide to have a reading with me, you can expect some empathy to say the least!

My immense experience in the psychic field, therefore, should help you with the following:

  • to figure out just what he or she is thinking about you or wanting from you – so prepare to be confused no-more by other people’s actions and/or words!
  • what to expect from your career path and of utmost importance, how to go about influencing this. We do, after all, influence the future, i.e. we do not just predict it! Why not allow me then to endeavour to help you to control your career progression for the better?
  • feeling stuck? Struggling to work your way out of the challenges that life is throwing you at the moment? If so, I can give you ways and means, under spiritual guidance at all times, as to how to become "unstuck". Yes, some of the advice given may seem somewhat practical in some instances, but like what the spirit world emphasises, it is a practical (physical) world that we are currently living in and therefore we sometimes need to adopt a pragmatic approach!
  • are you having a recurring dream that is bothering you to some extent? Want to know what it is saying to you? Why don’t you finally put your mind at rest by booking a call with me today to find out what spirit is trying to say to you directly via your dream time!

The above all said, I cannot, do not and should not make guarantees to people as, after all, only God could do that – not me. However, I promise that I will give you clarity, sensitivity and honesty about whatever you wish to know about. Please do bear in mind, however, that time frames can and do fluctuate due to the Law of Attraction, which can both slow down the manifestation of events or speed them up. With your permission, if timings are an essential part of your reading, as it is for a lot of people, we can look at ways and means, if applicable of how working with the Law of Attraction can help you in your given set of circumstances.

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02 Jul 2024 excellent ranking jjia

What a lovely reader

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05 Mar 2024 excellent ranking jjia

A true gem.… Was so kind true and generous She nailed it

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12 Dec 2022 excellent ranking empressgarden

You spoke so much truth into our session today, thank you

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17 Nov 2022 excellent ranking prinku

Good thank you

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10 Oct 2022 excellent ranking mimi123

She's so sweet and comforting.. I love her reading will be back soon! xx

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