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Hello! My name is Lilac and I have been reading tarot for over three years. I specialize in soulmate readings, but I also do many other types of readings such as career readings, ancestor and oracle readings which will help you understand where your help is coming from right now and what path life is setting you on, as well as past life readings. I promise to bring a positive energy to every reading that I have and I will try to never leave you with negative feelings at the end of a reading. While I do believe there are times that Spirit may be trying to warn us or point out shadows we may not have dealt with, I also believe Spirit will always reveal something positive about us too! I genuinely care about each and every person I do a reading for! I firmly believe that to have a good reading you have to have a good connection and I think that starts by having a genuine care and concern for the person you are reading for. I do ask that you give me as little detail as possible when setting intentions!

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I have over three years experience doing readings for many different types of people across the world. For many years I’ve honed my tarot reading skills by offering readings to strangers, some of whom started as skeptics themselves. I have a passion for helping people gain insight and understanding into their current situation. There are times that Spirit will not show me the answer for one reason or another.


I have over three years experience reading tarot of all different types. I specialize in love readings but I have also done money career readings as well as angels and ancestor oracle readings and energy readings. I have helped people to cleanse their homes of unwanted negative energy and I have also helped people to find their soulmate. I have always loved reading tarot because I find that it gives me a very unique connection to people and I get to learn things about them that a lot of other people don’t. I see this as a great honor and privilege and I am always surprised and excited that people chase me to be their advisor. If you want someone who will genuinely connect with you and wants to help in your journey of life please reach out to me. Thank you so much in advance for trusting me with your reading, know that I take them very seriously and they will always be done in a place where you have privacy.

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23 Jun 2022 satisfactory ranking acmarie

She seems nice unfortunately we did not connect.

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