Straight to the Heart Psychic Connection! Discover What Makes Them Tick (feelings/intentions).


Decoding relationships is my specialty. My empathic gift allows me to see how people feel and think—and why. I provide a greater understanding of others, and solutions to heal and form stronger relationships.

I can also assist with most other topics. My gifts include being empathic, clairvoyant and intuitive. I do not need the aid of tarot or any other tools. I am fast, detailed, non-judgmental, and genuinely care for my clients and want the best for them. I also do not endorse any practices that violate free will. I promise that a session with me will involve straight-up insight and guidance, without any offers of additional services.

We all have free wills,and our choices are what construct our lives. My role as a reader is to provide information and guidance to assist, and empower you in discovering the best choices and outcomes.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

~ College Graduate from OSU—Speech Communications and Music.

~ I have been providing professional psychic consultation services since 1996.

~ I was a member of the former Angelsplay forum—-I was screened/ tested, and performed public readings.

~ Childfinders Participant—Childfinders is an organization of intuitives that assisted in missing children cases and studies involving using psychics in crime solving.


Frequently Asked Questions About Readings.

Will you only tell me what I want to hear? No. People seek readings hoping to be told that a particular thing will happen…but sometimes that just is not what I feel or see developing. I tell people honestly what I see in the situation. Telling people what they want to hear may make them happy briefly, but can result in mistakes, wasted time, and deeper heartache than if they had been prepared.

Can you read on future things? Will you tell me when they will happen? I can do readings on future circumstances—as well as present and past. I also can provide timelines for when things should happen. I estimate length of time much like judging the length of a piece of ribbon. Clients report all the time about my time lines having been accurate.

Do you need a lot of personal info to do readings? No. I generally start with asking only for first names and main questions. Think of your life as being a really huge book, and there is only a limited time to read it. It helps to have a "chapter" to focus on rather then the whole thing at once.

What is Free Will? Free will means that our lives are based off of the choices we make…and yes, impacted by the choices and actions of others as well. Nothing is ever truly set into stone, or only has a single outcome. This means that much of what we make of our lives, and how we view things is in our own control.

★★★Please only contact if you would like honest insight.★★★ I frequently hear, "But other readers said he is my twin flame and this will all go as I want….." Yes, there are readers who tell everyone that the person is their twin flame or soulmate, and that it will be a happily ever after. I do not do that. It is easier and safer to tell people what they want to hear…but I am here to help people, and I can only do so via honesty. However, this also means that if I tell you something positive….you can trust that it is real, and truly what I have picked-up. I do my best to give you the full picture—-which means both the good and the "bad" will be included. If you want real answers, help, solutions, and options that can help arm and prepare you for what you are facing….then I will gladly do my best to help you through your struggles.

Note: Please do not disrespect me or my time. Please consider that I am a real person. When clients respect me I do give extras, but I do not tolerate being manipulated/used. I report all abuse, and refuse further service to those who are abusive, or who have non-payment issues.

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01 Nov 2023 unsatisfactory ranking keyton

I honestly feel she is the most negative reader on here. No, i don’t want to hear what i want but she gave me inaccurate information. I knew to be inaccurate. I dont think she reads, i think she gives her opinion. I actually have been guided by another reader, the other right is always right. She is Always wrong, negative and give opinions. I would not recommend.

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28 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking sashaytwirl

I've read with Del a few times although her answers were different than readers I have been seeing for years because she is in line with what I am seeing currently and I thought she was a reader who was giving me truth. Del might have been accurate in reading the situation on a superficial level but not deeper. I'm sure she'll be happy that she's been wrong because he is now stepping up, maturing, etc. I am disappointed that I've spent money on inaccurate reads that left me feeling awful but I did pay for her time and her skills.

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14 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking kveal0829

Did not feel her reading was correct at all. Things she told me yesterday would not happen have already happened today. Feel like I wasted $30.

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26 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking love23

First out of all psychic i spoke with that gave me opposite, FIRST, and i even told her thats a shock but ok, didnt ask for his name nothing, waste 55 sorry, maybe she work witg others i dont know

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30 Dec 2015 unsatisfactory ranking chasitylynn2001

Very sweet as a person. I called her to ask about a certain person and the advice & predictions she gave me was completely wrong. As soon as I got off our call my interest called me to say he is falling in love with me ♡♡♡♡♡♡

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