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Please Note 3 minute for introduction free,Clairvoyance,Connective Healing,Empathic,Intuitive  Remote Viewing,Angel Guides,Relationship Specialist,Past lives Readings Clair cognizance,Clairaudience,Energy Healer Transformation


My Abilities:  Clairvoyance  Connective Healing  Empathic  Intuitive  Remote Viewing  Angel Guides  Relationship Specialist  Past lives Readings  Clair cognizance  Clairaudience  Energy Healer/Transformation  Remote Relationship Healing  Numerology  Dream Interpretation  Haunting Investigated  Celtic cross  Channeling  Medium  Past life Regression  Balancing  Dating Expert  Astrologer

If you are having any problem relating  Love Life  Relationship  Career  Finances  Dating  Family  Divorce  Reunion  Court cases  Kids  Studies  Career Path  Personal Issues  Decision making clairvoyance,psychic,astrologer,relationship specialist,empath. I can give you reading on every aspect of life e.g. love,career,reunion,studies,relationship,family,finances,money all what you want to know about.

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BA in Psychology (concentrations in Addiction Studies, Transpersonal, Intuitive, Psychodrama, and Process Psychology.) Graduate of PSI Men’s Leadership Seminar, trained as a Facilitator. I also completed 90% of classwork toward a Masters in Mental Healt I AM the Voice of the Universe, singing a Love Song in the ears of the Beloved. I have 10 years experience in Psychic Reading. I am skilled at creating a warm, safe, and inviting environment that promotes sharing, trust and healing.


Tools Tarot Reading, Chakra Healing, Numerology, Pendulum, Reiki, Clair cognizance, Clairvoyance, Energy Intuitive, Remote Viewing, Angel Communication, Angel Healing, Angel Readings, Channeling, Intuitive Readings, Distant Healing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqUxMZ4VR0g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V7n0vlszVQ&feature=youtu.be

Accurate,compassionate,professional Psychic :) I am a born psychic and I have been working for last 10 years as a psychic.I am the most accurate and compassionate Psychic. If you want to know anything about the following areas of life :- LOVE/RELATIONSHIP FINANCES/MONEY JOB/CAREER SOULMATE MARRIAGE/DIVORCE PRESENT/PAST/FUTURE PAST LIFE KIDS/FAMILY DREAM ANALYSIS

then you are on the right place to connect for your concerning problems. I will give you accurate reading and no sugar coating. I will tell you what you need to know ,not what you want to know ,so whilst having a reading with me keep your heart at ease as I am going to tell you truth only ,nothing less nothing more :)

if you want to know the answers of the following questions,then I am here to tell you only truth does she/he love you ? Is he/she betraying or dishonest to you ? Is he/she flirtatious or serious about a relationship with you? Is someone from your past coming to you? Do you have a future/committed relationship together? Are you soulmates? Are you twin flames? Are you going to have kids together? Are you going to get the new job? Are you on the right career path? Are you getting some more money? I will provide you the accurate answers with TIME FRAMES . I will type quickly so I won’t waste your time . so just stop by to get the most accurate reading here :) you won’t have to regret for that :) love and hugs

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25 Sep 2022 excellent ranking muffy

Always amazing, thanks for the update:)

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24 Sep 2022 excellent ranking zara777

Had 2 readings so far seams good will post updates to predictions

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23 Sep 2022 excellent ranking lukwesa

Always explains in great detail and is a comfort to chat with. Helped me understand things on a deeper level and has reassured me of things I’ve felt but also other things I may not be aware of.

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20 Sep 2022 excellent ranking zara777

My first reading and all the reviews are right straight to the point and so far everything he said was in line with what another trusted adviser had said so am hoping his predictions u fold and will be back thank u

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10 Sep 2022 excellent ranking samrenu

He spotted the situation accurately. Looking forward to see how things unfold in next upcoming weeks.

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