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The Tarot can be your Guide, but not your Leader. It can not tell you what to do, but it can show us all the details we need, so that we can figure out what is the best move you can make, having all options and outcomes exposed. I am also a Psychology student, and a Philosopher (have written some books) – so I believe I can also be a very good adviser, for you. My greatest wish is to see all my clients happy, so I will do everything I can to give you the best reading you can get.


I’ve always been interested in and explored / studied the esoteric domains, since a very young age. As a "natural gift", I was always able to tell many many details about somebody, just by looking at their face. Therefore, I am a very good pictures reader – and I do that for free. I’ve also been initiated into Reiki, and currently have the 3rd grade, of the Master.

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07 Jul 2013 excellent ranking minceymouse

Give this reader a shot. Amazing advice, and I've never found someone so spot on with things. It's like you read me like an open book.

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