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When entering the chat with me it is highly advised that you are relaxed and calm as it makes it easier to read. The first three minutes are for introductory where I will ask for your name and DOB as well as names and DOB of anyone in question along with your questions(s). The free time is for introductory and not for free answers or test questions.

No free insight or time is given. I do not read into matters health or pregnancy related, I do not find lost objects, lottery numbers or legal matters. I also do not connect with the deceased. By having a paid session with me you agree to terms and conditions including those of NO REFUNDS under any circumstances or outcome which is dependant on free will. Will block you if you are rude

Please come to me only for the truth and not seeking only what you want to hear. With an open mind and acceptance I can guide you through anything no matter how big or small free of judgement or bias of any kind. The truth shall set you free.

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Psychic empath reader able to discern by tapping into and reading various forms of energy

Love Guide, Tarot, Palmistry, Law of Attraction, Manifestation


Born into a family of gifted psychics, my gift developed early on during my early childhood. At age eighteen I was working in my grandmother’s office located in Port Hueneme, California serving the Ventura county area where readings were given daily!

In 2012 I moved abroad to Conroe, Texas providing answers and guidance to people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE currently serving the Houston area. I’ve read tarot at numerous parties, social gatherings and local fairs throughout Southern California and Southeast Texas. In order to expand my services I became an adviser on Bitwine as well as other psychic adviser communities through which my services have been provided to over THOUSANDS of people from nearly around the world of whom’ have rated my services FIVE STAR

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Languages: English

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20 May 2022 unsatisfactory ranking sunshinekari

I’m so hurt and disappointed, she was my go to person here. In the reading I had today, answers were “same as before” nothing else was said for $20. If you couldn’t pick up anything new why didn’t you just tell me that and told me to come back later instead of doing this? I had huge trust and faith in you and disappointed that I was wrong :( and you were wrong this time - he is on a trip with another woman

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07 Apr 2022 unsatisfactory ranking pj28

She was nice and all, but said she'd be able to help answer my questions, then basically didn't answer any of them at all. Feel ripped off.

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19 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Bugsie (unregistered)

Wanted to test this website that I used to spend so much money on years ago now that I’m in a healthy committed relationship. Said that he pulls back when I talk about feelings - couldn’t be further than the truth, he’s very sensitive and more often than not approaches me with feelings. Said he’s not happy where he is in his career when he’s literally living his dream, oh and she said he wants kids … he had a vasectomy at 24 because of how much he doesn’t ever want them. Save your money

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11 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking queenbri

Said something that I knew wasn't true and it just felt like she didn't even wanna conduct the reading I felt like I was starting to get dry answers like I was irritating her or something sorry but this will be my last time coming or reading on this site she mentioned something that wasn't correct that makes me questions some other things that she had told me

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27 Jan 2022 unsatisfactory ranking mintchocolatechip1155

She was incorrect. Said something had ended and wouldn’t hear and the exact opposite happened.

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