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NO REFUNDS GIVEN Mothers, lovers, soulmates, twin-flames and those who feel weary or brokenhearted, let’s look at who does and feels what. My readings will help you move forward wisely to manifest your true destiny! I offer deep insight while connecting on a meaningful level. Check my 5-star ratings here and on other sites to feel confident about hiring!

DIVINER: I employ Tarot, the Pendulum and/or Ancient Runes, all with intuition.

SHAMANISM: Feeling under spiritual attack? I can help!

DREAM ANALYSIS: Share every detail you remember. (Unlike a generic dream journal, this will be deeply personal and make complete sense to you!) Did you know, a Virginia (USA) man recently bought lottery tickets based on his dream and WON THE LOTTERY!

CANDLE MAGIC: Setting Lights. Heal relationships. Protect loved ones.

I teach metaphysical classes, including Shamanic Journeying, Tarot, Norse Runes, Candle Magick, Pendulum Divination, & Healing Ceremonies. I also coordinate local Public Sabbats.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

NOTE: If you hire me for a reading I will provide you with the highest quality of service. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN! I’m a Reiki Master and gifted mystic working with Tarot, the Runes, Pallomancy (the pendulum). Nationally certified & registered hypnotherapist. I regularly teach metaphysical classes around Puget Sound in Washington state. I also work as the Sunday reader at local metaphysical shop and attend psychic fairs. I am a natural born intuitive and teacher of Tarot, the Norse Runes, Candle Magick, Pendulum Divination, Shamanic Journeys and much more.

NOTE: If you hire me for a reading I will provide you with the highest quality of service. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN!


I read Tarot, cast the runes, and work Pallomancy (the pendulum) because I really like helping people. There are so many times when life gets really confusing, or we really need to know what someone is thinking so we can navigate our behavior in the wisest way possible.

That’s what intuitive readings are all about after all. I’m here to help you understand the otherwise "unknown" influences happening around you.

ABOUT MY BACKGROUND: I grew up in an ultra-conservative religious environment and every time I saw faeries or spirits I was admonished to stop talking about it. Church leaders believed the Devil was playing tricks with my mind. So while I grew up silencing my natural abilities, when I became a massage therapist and was working on clients I’d take on their thoughts and emotions. The first time I realized what was happening (with the transfer of energy) I had thought, "Oh, I’m so depressed! I feel like KILLING myself!" Those words "KILLING" shocked me into awareness. My life was not at all depressing and I certainly did NOT feel like doing any kind of self harm. So I asked my client, "How are YOU feeling today?" And she immediately started SOBBING! She and her mother had exchanged harsh words, then her mother had passed. Now that it was the Christmas season, she was realizing she would never be able to make amends and would never be able to buy her mom another holiday present. (My client was the one who was depressed. Not me!)

That was decades ago now. I’ve been conducting house clearings and offering readings both online and in person. The accuracy of my readings has been confirmed so many times I long ago realized the errors in how I was raised. Yet I’m grateful for growing up the way I did because it taught me to question everything and to test the spirits. I think I’m a much wiser reader as a result.

This isn’t a parlor trick. I take my work very seriously. I’ve worked as "Mystic SunTiger" or just "SunTiger" on other sites too.

I also teach metaphysical workshops and empowering other people to read Tarot, or otherwise trust their intuition, is really life-affirming for me.

If I can help you sort through the confusing waters in your life – well, I will just feel like I did a great thing and that makes me feel really happy.

The light in me recognizes the light in you. Namaste.

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