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about 1 month ago

How do you choose a psychic/reader that is good for me?

about 1 month ago
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I would take my time and read as many profiles as possible to see who resonates with you best. Check out reviews and take note of the different readers approaches. If their claims seem too grandiose, they usually are. When people say things like “can reunite lovers” I always take that as a huge red flag. We all read in different ways and have different strengths.

I also find that reading with too many different readers at a lower price point isn’t always the best option. Stick to a budget set forth for yourself, but I think it’s more productive to invest a lump sum of time/resources to one or two trusted readers to build that connection as opposed to multiple lower priced readers. It can become confusing to get conflicting responses. This is not to say that a high fee is indicative of a better quality reading, but compare fees to feedback. If they don’t seem like they match, keep looking.

I think if you take a some time to scour these message boards you will see some people just use the same blanket statements replies to everyone and that is indicative of generic lazy readings at best, or complete lack of talent at worst.

Most importantly, use your gut and don’t be afraid to ask questions via messenger.

Good luck to you and bright blessings, Pixie :)

about 1 month ago
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love your reply Rebo :)

about 1 month ago

Contact me if you like! I am a specialist in love, career and mediumship ect. I can see you have been going though a lot of confusing thoughts and mixed signals. Message me for more clarity and insight.

Xoxo Psychic Peach.

about 1 month ago

hello and welcome and you will pick a reader by feeling there energy if it feels right then thats how you know. im on line if you want a reading join me for my $10 deal for 20 minutes.

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Rebo has the best reply.

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I can help (:

6 days ago


My name is ANGEL & I am known for being an empathy. I can feel what you are going through. I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides.

I’ll always leave you feeling uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you don’t want to hear . You’ll find my emphatic nature soothing.

so my dear, feel free to call me as this is Public Place to discuss details related to your Personal Life.

Kind Regards