Terry Mitchell

Predictions (I call them Events) Connected to Your Present or Future, Honest, compassionate, non judgmental using The Scrolls of Ara and Lots (Dice).



5 Events for $25

10 Events for $50

You must read the full FAQ before calling me or I will not read events for you

I do not offer Q&A as a service at this time

I have worked as a Psychic for 27 Years

I do not read Tarot cards

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Events for $85

You can add 10 more on whenever you want

Return Clients in Good standing may win $5 to $30 off their Reading, It’s random, Good luck

There are Holiday discounts



HOW MUCH INFORMATION DO YOU NEED FROM ME? Your real first name, M/F, Sexual Orientation & Birthyear

CAN THE EVENTS BE FOCUSED ON SO AND SO OR SUCH AND SUCH? No, Events are random subjects but If I have a first name and current relationship of someone Youd like for me to look for, I can do that but there are NO promises they will come up

DO YOU SEE THE PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE? These readings are The Future but it is possible to hit on a Present day issue/person and it’s Possible to see the RECENT Past, From what clients have told me, this means the last few days/weeks leading up to the reading

SO WHY WOULD I PAY TO HEAR THE PAST? I think it happens to confirm my abilities to You, to kind of show you that I am for real

WILL THE EVENTS HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE? Yes! These will not be in a Tv show or movie or in a book that you read, again, people look for HITS to correlate what they were told

WILL THE EVENTS BE IMPORTANT AND MAKE SENSE? Important Yes, I believe everything You are told is Important…Make sense? Probably not, I mean if I had told you that next year You’d be trapped in your home and couldn’t go out because of a Pandemic, would you have believed me?

YOU GAVE ME NAMES I DON’T KNOW? Right? This is the FUTURE? It’s possible I will see your current boyfriend, family and friends but it’s more likely that I will see FUTURE Names/Events than Present ones

CAN THE EVENTS BE CHANGED? Yes! That is why You call me, to find out what is coming and find a way to change it if it’s bad

YOU MIXED UP NAMES, YOU TOLD ME ID MEET BEN, I MET TOM? Ben is still coming and You will meet him

WHAT RELIGION ARE YOU? I am a HIGHLY Eclectic & DEEPLY Spiritual Unitarian Universalist

CAN I ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU FINISH? Yes, I offer FREE clarification but I cannot look for Names once the event has been read so if I tell you "You get married" I cannot at that point look to see who to

WILL YOU TELL ME ONLY GOOD FAIRY TALE NONSENSE? No! If You want that, Go watch a Hallmark Movie!

I DON’T BELIEVE YOU/I WANT A REFUND Too bad. Be willing to wait and see what happens or don’t call

YOU ASKED ME FOR A CODE, WHAT CODE? The code is a word I need to confirm that you bothered to read this FAQ, The word is ONLY needed the first time you call, Today’s word is: Chickens

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