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Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!



Read The Disclaimer, 5 Events is $35

I do not offer Q&A at this time

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


5 Events for $60

10 Events for $100

20 Events for $150

40 Events for $250

If You Purchase a less than deal, It will cost more, for example, If you want 10 events for $100 but choose to buy 5 events for $60 and then ask for 5 more, it will be an additional $60 to get 5 more so it’s better to purchase 10 for $100 to start if you think you may want to add more



Events are wrong for You if You have Questions You need Answered

Events are wrong for you if you have questions you need answered, Just have to say it again because so many call expecting answers to burning questions and then the events are about work or something Unrelated

More often than Not, These will be FUTURE Events and FUTURE People, Telling me you don’t know so and so or asking who so and so is, just annoys me to be honest

I can look for 1 POI but I need to know Your CURRENT relationship to them but there are NO Promises they will even come in

Events may be Detailed

Events may be super Vague

Clients Tell me that The Events happen, This is evidenced by Repeat Clients (Reviews)

Clients Report Events as happening now (during the Reading) to a few hours to a few Years

Sometimes The Past does come in, It usually relates to something that is about to happen again or is an ongoing issue but if you want an extra event, Just kindly let me know when the reading is over when we do clarification (I can explain only what Events Mean, Not look deeper, Look for names, Answer questions)

Just to recap

Events are random subjects. They Probably won’t answer any burning Questions. They may reveal Future lovers & friends. They do happen, They may not make any sense at the time of the reading

A way I will know that you read the whole disclaimer is to have the Information I need ready to Go! Your real first name, Birthyear, First Names of 1-2 Poi’s and Their current relationships In Your Life, The more Honest about this you are, the more accurate the reading will be and a code word, which is oreo and we will be ready to go

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