Terry Mitchell

Predictions (Events as I call them) that WILL happen, Intuitive Q&A readings on any subjects using only myself and cleromancy (Dice), Honest, non judgemental & compassionate.



5 Events for $10

10 Events for $40

You can purchase a 10 Min Block of time for $60 or do Per Min for $9.99

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Events are $85

Per Min is $9.99 Per Min but You can Purchase a Block of Time for $60 which is 10 Mins



I need ONLY Your Real First Name, Orientation (Meaning Are you Straight, Gay?) and confirmation that you have read the FULL disclaimer below, to Prove this I will need a code word, Its RED but of course keep reading

If You have a burning question you need answers on, Q&A is the best choice, Events will NOT answer specific Questions

Names are my specialty, I often see First Names but what many do not understand is that I also often am seeing the future, since Clients have reported Events happening in as little as an Hour to as long as 3 years later, I might pick up on people in your current life but I might also see people YOU DONT KNOW YET-If You cannot have the patience to wait it out, You should not hire me

However..I can take 1 Name and look for that Name in The Events but I cannot promise it will come in

While most Events will center around You, Its also possible to pick up events about other people but ONLY if it will connect into your life in some way, An example would be, a man and a woman are getting married and later you find an Invitation in the mail to a wedding

Once Read, I cannot answer questions or delve deeper into the events

Events Might be VAGUE AND GENERALIZED, Such as .. A man asks a woman to dinner and she should say Yes

Ok so lastly I have to say that because most people as I said only claim to read the disclaimer, Red isnt the actual code word, Its actually the word Potato, You may now call me and get your event reading!

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-08:00) March 23, 2019, 10:57PM

Location: Las Vegas  (Find on Google Maps)

$9.99 per minute (after your approval)

New Clients Only-12 Events for $40

My $10 deal:

5 Events that WILL Happen, Please Read Disclaimer.