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Servant Of the Most High.

all messages are being received from God and with the purpose of bettering your life. Please think and consider what questions you really need to know and come in with certainty, this way you will get the best advice out of your situation and the solution can reveal itself

Please read the qualifications for disclaimer and service desc extended.

Once a connection is made, then any additional needs, details or questions can be addressed and we will get the best information needed for you in the time you are here.

I am not here to sugarcoat. That being said, if you come to me for an answer,im not always going to give you the one you want, but it will be the one you need.

Please respect my time and i will respect and appreciate yours.

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ultimately remember you control your fate and this is meant to be a guide and an assist but you must not lose yourself amongst the clouds. i will not hesitate to tell it like it is, so if you are not ready to hear the truth, please spare yourself the time.

I am here to pray with you and offer guidance, I no longer will be telling fortunes. this means no future predictions. I can include what it seems will happen based off current energy but only God knows the future and it is bad karma otherwise to break your paths journey by false advice. its important for us both that this boundary is understood. If you havent read this it might be disappointing so please do feel free to ask any questions about this before we start our chat so you can be sure this is what you are needing in this time in your life.

please be respectful and you will have the best experience i can offer in return :)


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