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Donation only – I am changing the way i work my service. I wish to work with more light beings and to help more people, and so I am working by donation, with 3 suggested packages.

The first Donation Rate is "STARLIGHT" 25$ // this allows you 10 minutes of uninterrupted insight and guidance from the angels, on where you are at and where you need to be.. we may go over time if the spirits have more to say.

The second package, "MOON CHILD" is 30$ which offers 15 minutes of insight, and a prayer to follow, with a free candle light as long as it is as the spirits lead for your situation.

The 3rd is "CATS CLAW" for 50$ Donation which offers FULL insight on your situation up to 25 minutes, a candle light, and depending on the need of your situation, a follow up message through inbox and intervention on your behalf.

THE REST IS UP TO YOU! 10% of proceeds go to building a sanctuary for those in need of a community where we can stand strong.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have over 11 years experience doing intuitive research and using my gifts to help others to advance past difficult stages in their lives into something more independent an loving.

One will always fight the mind and the experience until they learn to accept the purpose of their existence ad live up to it.

We have many challenges to face, one should never have to face it alone.


I have been using my gifts, since I was 3.

However, they did not begin to evolve into a deeper sense, [other realms, and secrets of the story keeper] until I reached the age of 11.

It was then that I wrote my first book on quentisism, the rhythm of the water and emotions and created my first deck.

I had always had to keep my gifts a secret, growing up around those who did not understand, even being a generational psychic, my passed Grandma taught me what my parents hid. When I turned, 16 – I began actively using my gift to help others.

At the Age of 21, I first met my mentor, who began to work with me and train me in the ways of Shamanism, he taught me very much and I have a great respect for him this day.

Since my abilities are natural, they do not take much time. —the moment you call me I see your attributes, hair color , build and feel your energy. I am primarily Empathic with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Claircognisance.

I do not like to waste time, and the spirits I work with are very old, so we like to get to the point and we can be a bit cranky ;)

but I assure you I am one of the most genuine caring people you will meet and my goal is to truly help you.

Give me a call today, lets get you some clarity.

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08 Oct 2019 excellent ranking sma786

She gave me the answers I needed to hear, the reading was so comprehensive and on point. I also definitely looking forward for the predictions to manifest as well. Thank you so much :)

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01 Oct 2019 excellent ranking mynameismaria

Great. Xx

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30 Sep 2019 excellent ranking sma786

I'm sorry I ran out of credits :( it actually been about 2 or 3 years since I had reading with her. And she's actually still tune in well with me. One of her predictions came true since a former lover did return back in my life. And this time around she picked up the energies so well regarding my situation and that POI. Thank you for the comprehensive and sincere reading, Jade :)

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17 Sep 2019 excellent ranking hawks15


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15 Sep 2019 excellent ranking Lisa33 (unregistered)

Amazing and is accurate with details. Thank you!

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