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Seeking professional counseling from a friendly, non-judgemental person? My specialties include marriage/relationship counseling, parenting ( including adoption). If you are seeking to understand yourself better or others in your family circle, I can use astrology and chinese zodiac as well as soul astrology to guide me in advising you for the best and highest positive outcome. Since the young age of seven I have sensed spirits around me mainly during special occasions and when they were needed. If there is a message for you I will relay it. My specialty is animals, as I have a special kinship with them – I can sense anything with fur or feathers.

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Bachelor of Arts Psychology; Counselling Certificate; Community Development Certificate ;Gifted psychic medium and Channeler Tarot card reading course mentor taught


I have been giving advice and counsel to friends and family for the last 12 years. Finally have honed my gifts to the point where I am confident enough to charge for my services at very reasonable rates. I have come to understand myself and those around me. Will you let me help you the same way? My grandfather was the first one that I felt and half recognized – when I was eight years old. Since then I have had the honor of being in the right place at the right time, being tuned in to the universe, as some say. However, I do not believe in channelling or bringing spirits to me at whim or will.

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