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God Gifted Psychic W/ Over 30 Yrs Experience.Honest & Accurate w/ Timeframes Given. No Fluff Just Facts. Get all your questions answered with the guidance of my spiritual guides. I Have Helped Thousands Over The Years and Now I am here to help you. Because I am One of the highest ranked psychics on the site, I do not play the test the connection game. My feedback from clients is testimony enough. If you cancel the pay button once it pops up you will be blocked because I do not give free readings. This is not a free reading site! So if you click on my button please expect to pay. If you would like a high quality reading contact me now.DO NOT ask if you are pregnant, guides will not give that answer that is what pregnancy tests are for and do not ask when you will have your next child, guides will not answer that. They only answer how many children you will have in a lifetime. Please also remember that although timeframes are given and most are accurate there is no guarantee Note NO REFUNDS GIVEN!!!!


Over 30 years as a certified psychic ranked in the top percentile of my field. Have helped thousands over the years including reuniting lovers through free candle work

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04 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking cececoop

not happy w/ reading

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13 Apr 2015 unsatisfactory ranking dee007

The advisor has blocked me even though I said I would pay her as soon as I log in to a computer. For some reason mobile payments kept logging me off. She said he would contact me 06 April 2015, give or take a few days. We are now on 13 April 2015. I have spent over $120.00, which I would like refunded, particularly because of the block. If the prediction of 06 April 2015 comes to pass by 15 April 2015, I will change my review. But give or take a few days to me means by last week. Refund me my $120.00, This was wasted on false information.

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24 Jan 2015 unsatisfactory ranking watercolordaydreams

Both dates for 12/16 and 12/20 - Nothing has changed between the two of us. In fact, things are very quiet lately. I don't like leaving bad reviews, but I did give it a few days to see if things do turn around even a bit, but nothing. Thanx for the read anyway.

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12 Dec 2014 unsatisfactory ranking sahebjash

As per as your reply is is the transcript to prove that your a lier "AnnetteMarie the guides are showing that someone with the initial of T is going to be involved 06:43PM AnnetteMarie they are showing that this is going to be happening around the 10th of December 06:44PM AnnetteMarie and by what they are showing yes you are going to be much happier with this new position 06:44PM"

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10 Nov 2014 unsatisfactory ranking dolly9311

2 time frames did not come to past, and her last reading was unacurrate. I liked her but she disapointed me alot the last time we chatted.

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