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I do some reading of Medicine Cards. I am great at advising you on your journey into Spiritualism, and Spiritual Coaching. I am open to all stories and experiences. My guradian angel is St. Michael-he is strong, and has healing powers. Allow me to help guide you, so you don’t feel so all alone.
Luv & Peace, Lori Jean

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I have no degrees in these subjects. I have been “sensitive” since the age of 2. I had a brother with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) he leaves quarters and penny’s for me like he told me he would. I have a violet aura and an aura of a outline of a man at me right side. I am a ghost hunter “sensitive” who can see orbs, feel “cold spots” and St. Michael along with the other angels keep me strong, able to heal and help others. That is my goal to help others.


I will continue: I have Endometriosis- I had 10 surgeries for that, one hysterectomy and one partial colectomy (took part of my colon out due to ischemia from adhesions from too many surgeries. I’ve been very close to “the other side” many times and have and do, speak to my angels.

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