I am an ordinary person like the rest of us. An ordinary person with an extraordinary gift which I use to benefit others. I can tune in to you, your loved ones, or anyone you are concerned about and tell you what they’re feeling, what their intentions are and what their true nature is. With the help of my Guides and Angels, I can steer you in the right direction to ensure you find the happiness you want. I can tell you what sort of work would suit you, or whether or not that potential partner is right for you.

I can also see what happened to you in past lives, especially those events which affect you now.

So if you’d like some honest and direct answers to questions about your life path, current/future loves or career, please ask me.

If I can’t get any answers for you, I’ll suggest you come back another time, as I won’t flog a reading for the sake of $$ if I’m not getting anything!

So call me and let’s see what my Guides, Angels and I can do for you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:
  • Completed workshops in Psychic Development and Spiritual Counselling.
  • Statement of Attainment in Counselling and Pyschology (had to drop it due to lack of funds and family commitments sadly)

Apart from that, my main qualification is life experience and the ability to do it :)

I am also a very fast typist and maintain good grammar as much as that sometimes sticky keyboard will allow … or my mood :)


Over eight years’ experience giving psychic/intuitive readings to people from all walks of life, including teenagers.

Practice, practice, practice!

But I’ve been doing this most of my adult life without realising it, and can see that this was part of the reason why I lost some friends who didn’t understand how I could tap into their very core and tell them truths they weren’t quite ready to hear! But they DID ask …

Practice, practice, practice!

We have a local Festival in our town and I have given readings there for the last three years with great success, with some clients coming back each year.

I have been giving free online readings for about six months.

I also do cards, both Angel and Tarot, but lean more towards going with what I get. If you’d like a Tarot or Angel card spread though, please ask.

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Languages: English, Gibberish

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