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Effie K is empathic and clairvoyant and she uses Tarot, Lenormand, playing cards and a beautiful pendulum as tools in her readings.

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If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t come to me seeking for it. Do lies hurt less?

I have helped many friends, relatives and clients through some extremely difficult times… I have the sensitivity and the experience to work through most situations and I look forward to being able to help you as well. I can give you the insight into your situation to help you make the decisions that are right for you.


Effie was born in Greece, where she still lives to this day. She grew up believing that everyone can "see" or "do" what she could and that was because her grandmother, who raised her, was also "gifted". She grew up believing there’s nothing special about her. She was having dreams that though symbolic and very unclear, were telling her what to expect. After the age of 18 she was having lots of dreams that were foretelling someone’s death, which made her feel very scared. She used to make fun of psychics and didn’t believe in the spiritual world, though she had a ghost experience, something that she unsuccessfully tried hard to keep off her mind. Maybe because she didn’t want to believe in something that was terrifying her.

Things changed the day that she had a reading from a friend, when she realized that she could actually have the visions the reader was having, without even knowing their meanings. She felt very interested and studied the cards very hard for months and practiced a lot to become even more qualified to help. She was reading for friends and relatives for many years, asking nothing in exchange. After her predictions about a psychic friend came true and that same friend’s suggestion, she started working online and she feels very happy to be able to help people, which is very important to her.

Effie K believes we can build our own future knowing what options we will have in advance and which path is best for us to follow.

"Life is full of adventure and surprises… some good, some not so good. There are times when we all get overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, to help us figure out the path that is right for us. With a combination of my highly intuned intuition and my cards i can help you with just about any of life’s many obstacles, making what was once an overwhelming situation become a brighter and clearer path and turning those all too often confusing questions into ones that make total sense. Life is full of crossroads that we must reach and make difficult decisions. I am here to help you make these decisions.

Yes, we can build our future… by following the right path… if only someone will show it to us… Action shapes destiny!"

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03 Dec 2023 excellent ranking megpaperlantern

accurately read this guy’s character and where we are in the connection. super helpful perspective Effie thank you

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10 Nov 2023 excellent ranking anita123456

Effie has never been wrong for me! I’ve been coming to her for years.

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19 Oct 2023 excellent ranking dascallie

She is the best *****

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04 Oct 2023 excellent ranking stardust

thankyou ❤️

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20 Sep 2023 excellent ranking kat1984

I really am in amazement and shock…I’ve always waited for other readers insights to come true on the ‘real big stuff’ to leave ‘the’ review but it just never happened…well here goes, with Effie it did! She’s been sharing insights randomly over the years but usually what I didn’t want to hear about past POI’s and guess what, she was always right, so I started to listen. Most recently she has been guiding me consistently and through some really challenging times, never wavering on her insight and prediction which I just truly couldn’t see happening, well it did! And she was right, finally with my partner expressing his love. Her insights were invaluable but most importantly, teaching me how to do better and to be open to changing me too to get the outcome. U do have to be open to hearing the tough stuff about yourselves sometimes too. I highly highly recommend working with Effie, trust her and listen! Thank you love x

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