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SOULMATE Reader: Is He/She The One?


Accurate, Honest Predictions From a REAL Psychic! With The Help of My Powerful Guides, I Will Give You The Answers, Details And Predictions That You Need! Take The First Step in improving Your Life By Chatting With Me Now! Real Answers Solutions and Predictions With Time Frames! i Look At Every Aspect of Your Life I specialize in love and relationships, marriage, financial, career, family, friends, divorce, separation, and much more! You Will Receive An Informational Reading That Provides You Not Only With Your Past and Present But Your Future As Well I give You The Answers To The Questions That You Have I am Here To Help You Walk You Through The Rough Patches That Life Throws At You Ever Feel So Lost And That Your Spirit is Dehydrated I’m Here To Water Your Spiritual Garden I’m Here To Put Your Mind At Ease I Am Able To Read The Mind Body And Soul Ever Wonder If He/She Is The Right One For You? Or If They Are Fateful? Ever Wonder If You Are On The Right Path To Success? Allow Me And You To Take An Journey

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❤ ❤Join Me For Direct And Straight Answers No False Hopes No Sugarcoating Here is the Service that you can expect from a psychic I Always Do My Best For My Clients.

❤ I am an Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium and Intuitive healer. I’m able to connect directly with spirits to receive the answers. I’m a Psychic Specialist with outstanding spiritual power that many have sought and have to this day made many completely satisfied customers. I have reunited loved ones and brought together soul mates.I have powerful knowledge and i can help about love and life matters, problems about career and Happiness or just Peace of Mind, And Spiritual Psychic readings with outstanding accuracy! ❤❤My specialties are❤❤ ❤Love & Relationships❤ ❤Love Crisis❤ ❤Forbidden Love❤ ❤Love Lost❤ ❤Extra Marital Affairs❤ ❤Marriage❤ ❤Breakup & Divorce❤ ❤Reunion❤ ❤cheating Affairs❤ ❤Marital Life❤ ❤Parents & Children❤ ❤Single & Dating❤ ❤Virtual Dating Sex & Intimacy❤ ❤Soulmate & Twinflames❤ ❤connection❤ ❤Starting a new business❤ Etc


I am a psychic reader with more then 15 years of experience. With my gift I have already helped dozens of people, my readings are direct and clear.

I love spirituality and I know that tarot can help you in various problems of your life and make you understand various situations. I do readings for all areas, I just don’t see health and justice decisions. I’m here to tell only the truth and what comes out in the tarot, so get ready for what the tarot has to show you.

I use tarot but I can read without any tools just name and dob. IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE YOU START A READING WITH ME: 3 minutes its just introduction is not for a free reading, in that 3 minutes i will ask you name and dob and you can send one question, but i will only open my tarot after you add credits, that is my work respect that. I DONT DO REFUNDS, its my time if you don’t feel ready to hear the truth please don’t ask a reading with me.

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Languages: english/spanish/french

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT-07:00) September 21, 2023, 07:18PM

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28 Aug 2023 excellent ranking love0312

Amazing reader. Always compassionate and knowledgeable. I’ll find out soon if predictions come true. Thank you so much I feel relieved after talking to you.

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28 Aug 2023 excellent ranking beautifu11

Always on point direct.answers every question and make sures I understand. Predictions

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25 Aug 2023 unsatisfactory ranking pink

I thought this reader was genuine and nice and came back after our first reading. She kept on charging me 20$ and when she got the money she hung up on me and disconnected. Im disappointed because i had all the respect for her work and she acted very disrespectfully. Very disrespectful behaviour and rude behaviour. Im still shocked when trying to find resolve and will copy her answer here when I needed to escalate to paypal about her behaviour, ''Stop trying to scam get a life you paid for a service that I already provided you can't go around to every psychic on bitwine and ask for refunds after'' - I choose very carefully the psychics and I respect every one of them. This is not acceptable and rude. And her reaction is still shocking and lacks a lot of kindness. I hope we can find a solution moving forward Katie! Please be kind and peaceful!! Pink xx

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24 Aug 2023 excellent ranking pink

Straight to the point, powerful, truthful and bold. Ive been wanting to come back but the connection keeps cutting off when i connect with her. Hope to have a reading soon and will definitely come back EDIT : no free readings are permitted on Bitwine. I have paid 60.00$ and 11.74$ in two readings and Bitwine admin, as well as Paypal is currently investigating on this situation with both their platform and legal protocol tools. Very disappointed about how this reader is rude, disrespectful and has no will to make a peaceful conflict resolution. Blessings and only good wished towards your person Katie! I wish you only kindness ! - Pink

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23 Aug 2023 excellent ranking lpcalpoly

Thanks again for the great reading.

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