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Hi all, please read my profile before chatting with me & give me a chance to guide you as I am trying to increase my star power from a 4/5 to a 5/5. I am an intuitive life coach, metaphysical practitioner and spiritual advisor. I channel energy and use spirit guides to answer all of your specific questions. Please start by stating your first name, providing your date of birth, location, gender and then after doing so: please ask your specific questions. I will also use other skills, tools, methods and approaches to answer your questions: including: automatic writing; tarot (cartomancy), precognition, clairvoyance, mediumship, fortune telling, imagery + psychic visions), crystal pendulum & board (dowsing) [to answer your yes or no questions. Also, I provide affirmations and brief guided solutions. I have a high level of accuracy when asked specific questions. I answers questions on the topic of love and relationships, career and finance and much more! As always thanks for your patronage!

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Ordained Since 2018


15 years!

**My good rate deal is:

Pay $10 for 10 minutes and get another 5 minutes complimentary (free)!

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