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Hello! I am here to offer insight, guidance, direction, clarity, or just comfort, understanding, and compassion if that is what you are in need of.

I use various divination methods to channel answers for you. I use what spirit guides me to for each reading. These could be Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Dowsing, My Clairs/Intuitive promptings without any cards, and at times a mix of the above.

Whatever your need, all readings are welcome! Be it love, career/money, mediumship reading, dream interpretation, angel readings, and more!

You may find me here most evenings after 7 PM EST. I am a night owl, so I will very rarely respond from 5 am – 4 PM EST. If you need me and I am not online, please feel free to message me, and I will make arrangements to come on and meet you as soon as I possibly can!

All Sales Are Final. No medical or legal advice. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tarot Reader

Certified Life Coach

Certified Reiki Master Levels I, II, III Animal Reiki and Crystal Reiki Separately.

Certified Access Bars Practitioner

From Birth: Clairaudience – hearing things from spirit. Clairsentience – feeling things from spirit. Clairalience – smelling things from spirit. Claircognizance – knowing (The Knowing) Clairvoyance – seeing things from spirit. Clairgustance – tasting things from spirit.

Yes! I am blessed to have access to all six of the clairs!


I have had the gifts of the clairs since birth. They exploded almost six years ago at which time I began doing readings for others in person. Most every spare minute since has been spent working with my gifts to fine-tune them and learn to translate and deliver as a clear channel.

As an intuitive empath, psychic medium, energy healer and interpreter, tarot reader, certified Reiki Master, certified access bars practitioner, and certified life coach, it is my purpose and passion to help others to a healing journey in this life.

I really enjoy and specialize in love readings and connecting to passed-on loved ones. But we can touch on any area of your life that you like! I have the ability to tap into all six of the clairs, as well as messages from passed-on loved ones should they come through or even your higher self that will help you get onto the path of your highest good!

I devoted the last six years to solidly working on my lifelong gifts and advancing my knowledge so that I can be a concise channel and assist others to the very best of my capacity. I have spent years doing readings in person and have built a strong, long-lasting relationship with almost every client that comes to me. And I look forward to developing the same with you!

Welcome to your confidential, judgment-free zone. You are safe, loved, and supported here. Always.

Terms Of Service:

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Outcomes & timeframes, whether expressed or implied, have no guarantee. Clients are 100% in control of their own life choices & actions; therefore, my readings should never replace or override your own good judgment and common sense. Nor are they intended to replace medical or legal advice.

I offer a professional service wherein clients pay for the Time & Energy I use to Channel & Deliver Insight during sessions. A copy of our chat conversation is emailed to clients upon closing sessions, providing a tangible record of service.

All Sales Are Final.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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01 Mar 2024 excellent ranking luckie1

Thanks a bunch as always!! <3 My phone is dying so I’ll come back later this week. You’re the bestest!

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26 Dec 2023 excellent ranking luckie1

Thanks girly! I have to get going but I’ll be back like always :))

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29 Sep 2023 excellent ranking luckie1

Thank you <333 it’s late and time to sleep but I’ll be back like always :))

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10 Sep 2023 excellent ranking Sweetdelly  (unregistered)


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06 Sep 2023 excellent ranking Sweetdelly  (unregistered)

Amazing ! Thanks again

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