Here to help/guide you in all aspects of life. You are not alone anymore; Get my views in your problems and questions.

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Here to help/guide you in all aspects of life. You are not alone anymore; Get my views in your problems and questions.


Greetings, My name is Steve and my sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpio people have a sixth sense that enable them to intuit things before they actually happen.

As a child, I always had the ability to feel and see certain things. I developed that ability by playing guessing games and would ask God for a sign to help me with decision making. As I grew spiritually, I discovered the guiding help and inspiration of my Spirit Guides and Angels. I have had a profound soul awakening. It is my goal to awaken the soul within and provide you with spiritual enlightenment to help you on your chosen path. I believe every person and every thing we encounter in this life is for a reason.

I am responsible for my deeds, acts and thoughts so I will not tell you what you want to hear. I cannot rescue you, you are your only best friend. I will work with you as a guide, clearing the fog, so you can make informed decisions. The future is not set in stone, if it was you would miss what is in between and miss many blessings.

Please do not hand your power over to psychics or anyone who is willing to take it. You are responsible for your actions. Stand in the truth, the way and the light. It is my goal to see you empowered because in the end, you alone, determine your own happiness.

I thank God for my abilities and before each session I ask He send me only the callers who are true of heart. I also ask for compassion, wisdom and insight, using me as a vessel to help those in need. So there is a reason if you choose me as your advisor. Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with my background before choosing a reading with me.

I’m delighted you are here as I know it is not by coincidence. Stuck on your path? I use the Tarot & strong connection to my Spirit Guide to give you the accurate answers needed to move your life forward. FREE Energy Workings offered as needed.

I have taught awareness classes for the Alpha Movement Group and helped many discover and enhance their own intuitive abilities and the joy to be found in touching their own inner guidance.

I am a certified astrologer, Psychic Counselor and Awareness Trainer.

When you enter my chat room please be prepared to give me your first name and date of birth. Following this I will answer any questions and concerns you may have and am confident that through my well-developed intuitive abilities and supportive Energy Workings you will be better equipped to handle and face whatever is before you.

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