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I offer guidance and insight into many situations that stop us in our tracks in life. Sometimes negative energies, pain, grief, fear and more create spiritual blocks that actually block the path ahead in our soul’s journey. These blocks when left alone will eventually manifest into troubles in every area of our world. When block are present we may not see them, but we also can’t see what’s in front of them or much light coming in. Everything becomes confusing and unclear and it can consume us if we allow. I can help identify any spiritual blockages and help you learn how to learn how to truly let go of of anything that may be blocking the light, happiness and abundance that lie in the path ahead. I strive to lead my clients to clarity, perspective, purpose and personal growth. Please reach out if you feel a connection.

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Certified Tarot Reader and Trained Awakening Facilitator

When you feel broken, lost, and nothing of ‘you’ seems to remain, get up and rejoice! Yes, and if you must, briefly mourn the old ‘You’. OK, now dry your tears, leave all that no longer serves you behind. You must walk on now. Make your way down the path and let go of all the strings. Yes, the ones clenched so tightly in your hands they have left marks, One by One, let them go. Yes, I mean it, you are not in control of anything attached to those strings, and you never were. Let go of them all and watch them float away and fall where they were meant to. It’s ok if you can’t see them anymore, just let them go. Now stop, just for a moment and close your eyes. Breathe, in and out. Now, do you feel it? Exhale, relax all of your muscles, and breath slowly in and out. Allow yourself to be overcome, overwhelmed by the purest sense freedom you’ve ever known.


I have been using and developing my unique gifts for the past 10 years. Intuitive Energy Readings are my specialty, this is where I receive whatever messages and guidance is given to me by spirit guides, spirit or intuitive sensing ad passing the messages on to you. I connect best by speaking to clients through chat.

I am able to give specific guidance as well on career, relationships, life path, goals, family, growth, general readings, awakenings, soul path or a question you may have. Just Ask! I am a skilled Pendulum reader and may use it as a tool in your reading for validation or clarification of what I feel.

Who I Am…

Well let’s see, I am a Pisces! I am a Mommy. I’m the 100% the REAL deal ladies and gentlemen, so please do not treat me like a scam artist. I am honest, I am genuine, I am patient, I know my worth, I will not paint pretty pictures or tell you anything other than what I see, I am incapable of judgement as I am fully awake, I am different, I am open, I am real, I am serious about what I do, I am blessed to be able to do it, and I am here, whenever you decide to reach out to me.

I truly found my purpose in using my gifts wherever I can to help those seeking answers and guidance in their lives. i sense purpose in people. I see the beauty and the light in underneath the pain and darkness. I love helping people find their way, giving them clarity, and much needed validation.

I often attract those who have gifts they don’t even realize, or ones they want to explore. I am a healer, a guide, and a stop on the path to awakening for many. Are you seeking to connect with a loved one who has passed? Are you feeling a shift or transition happening in your life but aren’t sure which path to take? Are you looking for purpose? Feeling Empty lost or broken? Sometimes we don’t know what we are seeking or why we feel the way we do.

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09 Mar 2022 excellent ranking prinku


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03 Dec 2021 excellent ranking teebee1992


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22 Aug 2021 unsatisfactory ranking lissal13

It has been 10 days since I contacted her.. we were having a bad internet connection, which I understood and called her back twice, but by this time I had to leave. So I told her if she could just send me and inbox with my reading. Or I could come back in an hour when I was available again. Well I got neither, I came back, she wasn’t there and I have been waiting for at least a message from her.. NOTHING. Not even a refund since she took my money ahead of time. At this point she’s not someone to trust and I want my money back. I will report her to bitwine.

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12 Aug 2021 excellent ranking katiebeachbaby

Very thorough, honest, and kind. She is the real deal!

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12 Aug 2021 excellent ranking sine (unregistered)

thank you so much, really accurate and resonated and cared alot

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