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Hello, my name is Facundo! In this profile, I offer my divination services using cartomancy, I ching, tarot, geomantic reading and runes, together with the performative aspects of the magic mirror and Pendulum, can help to envision the most fortunate paths or provide a new angle that may indicate a course of action. I use regular decks, Oracular, Etteilla, Lenormand, and Tarot decks for those purposes, and tablets to get Geomanctic and I Ching readings- Likewise, to find aspects related to the personal style, Astrology, Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Numerology and Mewa, become the most useful tools to generate a multifaced destiny reading.

Please Call me firstly to tell me your name, date of birth, and question or matter involved, after that I could proceed to cast the elements of the reading, tuning in for five minutes approx, and then we could continue once the payment has been received, please if possible pre-paid is preferable, to guarantee that the reading could follow it natural course till completion.


For the last ten years, I’ve been performing readings, integrating different methods of fortune-telling, divination, and metaphysics, and developing an intuitive style of thorough visualization. Choosing the most appropriate method according to the vibe of the moment, and the client disposition. Contrasting the intuitive methods of tarot, cleromancy, and cartomancy, along with the astrological diagrams of geomancy, Bazi, and astrology. In general, my readings allude to the particular moment, the nature of the matter, and the person in question to find the most appropriate method, and thus use intuition and visualization to proceed in an organic way that is sensitive to the situation and in that way offer the most honest advice either to approach a practical situation as an energetic overview of the nature of the circumstance and the perception of it, at a given moment. Thanks to extensive research, practice and physical visualization methods, I have developed proficiency in the methods of cartomancy, cleromancy, astrology, metaphysics, and all kinds of ritual processes with which I can be useful to solve the questions of my consultations.

It’s important for me to clarify that my reading style goes along with principle of cause and effect, the possible results are just a matter of a moment to moment through, and in this way, i can work with you to find about what does it mean in your own situation, that in general has three principal areas, the base situation that its empty but full of possibilities, the energy of the circumstance, the communication that is happening, and finally the manifestation of it that involve the concrete manifestation or the results. That is the principle of heaven earth and man, and its related to the fundamental nature of which only a glimpse could be offered with a vast array of techniques or methods, and that its difficult to grasp with an intellectual frame of mind, or an anxious disposition. In this way its important to think what is a "psychic" and in which way this abilities manifest in its case. My way of working its very earthy even if sometimes it seems confusing, it’s a very direct approach, there is no mystification of the source of this energy, it’s all cause and effect, moment to moment, with the confidence that this could overcome the obstacles, and obscuration that present in the material plane, or in the psychological neurosis, or in the problems arising from the exaltation of the mind, or finally the inflation of the mind, that is much related to find in the outside causes of validation for the ego purposes. And in this way, returning to a psychic reading, i hope that you might be interest in this approach, that could prove to be useful if you are wondering about a different way to approach divination without the vicious cycle of validation, conformance, and safety seeking that arise from the extremist ways of mysticism, or unknown forces, that exist apart from you. In this way, I hope to meet you to dialogue and communicate honestly and bravely.

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04 Jun 2021 unsatisfactory ranking famouspaint

English isn't her first language, and it's obvious. This, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing - I myself am the daughter of immigrants - but when you're doing a reading, at least disclose that you prefer to do it in another language and give the client the option to continue. None of what she said made sense - it was a word salad - and asking for clarificaton was futile.

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03 Jun 2021 excellent ranking confused2018


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03 Jun 2021 excellent ranking newlife20142

Thanks for all

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03 Jun 2021 excellent ranking newlife20142

new go to

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