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Live Video/Chat Readings:

Pendulum Readings

1 question for every minute ordered

Card Readings 5 Minutes or less – 1 question 10 Minutes – 1 question with more in depth explanation and detail 11 minutes or more – several questions with detailed explanation and guidance also includes a Chakra Balancing (Chakra Balancing will use 5 minutes of time keep this in mind)

Reiki Sessions Chakra Balancing Minimum 10 Minutes – Traditional Usui Reiki Minimum 15 Minutes – Animal, Crystal, Karuna Ki Reiki

Distance Reiki Session Minimum 15 minutes for Usui Reiki Minimum 30 minutes for Animal (30 minute max), Crystal, or Karuna Ki Reiki Max 60 minutes any reiki will include a Chakra Balancing and the added use of Angelic Energy

Cord Cutting, Karmic Balancing, Releasing, and more just ask me min. 30 minutes max 45 minutes

Lot of times during reiki sessions I may get information. I will deliver this to you if I do receive any messages.

Awareness Counseling Max Mins. 60

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

- Certified Reiki Master in Traditional Usui Reiki, Animal Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki - Diploma and Accreditation as an Earth Angel Practitioner, Angel Oracle Card Reader, Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner - Accredited Diploma as a Past Life Regression Practitioner


Exp I am a natural born empathetic intuitive healer. All my life I have had the ability to see and know things. I could always feel the energy of other around me rather in life or afterlife.

I started conducting Pendulum and Oracle card readings in 2009. I have been doing it every since. I am very honest but in a compassionate and loving way. Most if not all of the experience I have in reading or sending reiki to people/animals has been through the web or over great distances.

Everyone I have ever read for has told me that the energy they feel when getting a reading from me is unlike anything they have ever felt. I give them a calming feeling with the use of reiki during readings.I use my empathy in order to feel you and get an accurate read on what you are bringing into the situation you are asking about as well as what you are attracting.

I was born to light the way for others and I hope that I can bring some awareness into your life.

More about me

Distant Reiki and Intuitive Card Readings are my passion so from the comfort of your space you can receive Reiki and Angelic healing energies that can transform your whole life.

I welcome clients that want Oracle Card Readings, Tarot Readings, Pendulum Readings, Reiki Therapy (Usui, Crystal, Animal, Karuna Ki), Spiritual Guidance and Awareness Counseling, Mentoring

I do not offer any readings based on medical or health conditions, legal issues, financial advice,time frames, lost and found, passed loved ones, I will not read energy of another person without their permission.


Pet Friendly (Reiki Sessions not readings. However I will tell you any info I come across during session)

LGBTQ+ Friendly – In fact I am married to a woman. who taught me what real LOVE is and that’s why everything I do is out of a place of love and compassion.

Trauma/Addiction/Mental Illness Friendly – We can talk about anything you want in our sessions. I am non – judgemental. As a matter of fact I have lots of my own experiences in these areas.

Children Friendly – I have 4 children of my own that I have done reiki sessions and card readings with.

I will conduct card readings or pendulum readings based on

Love and Relationships Career and Jobs Spiritual Guidance General Reading ( e.g. card reading with no specific question just what you NEED to know)

Due to the power of free will please understand that you can change anything I tell you by your actions and choices so if something I say doesn’t go exactly to plan it may be due to free will.

I can not give you a specific date and time but I can get you somewhere in the ballpark using my pendulum to assist in the reading. Again this is only a prediction and your actions can change the outcome.

Reiki or counseling should not be seen as medical advice. I do not give diagnoses. Follow your doctor’s orders and seek medical advice for any health or medical issues. If you are suicidal please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 8002738255 or go to your nearest hospital

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08 Apr 2020 excellent ranking Yoana (unregistered)

Thank you!

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06 Mar 2020 excellent ranking Pol (unregistered)

A beautiful reading, very inspiring in what she said

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