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Luna Muro


I AM A NEW MEMBER HERE SINCE 2020! LOVE and WORK READINGS TAROT. tarot and oracle give answers on any questions about people, situations, present, past and possible variants of future. MEDITATIONS< CHAKRAS CLEANSING HEALING AND ACTIVATION, STRESS MANAGEMENT, SPIRITUAL COACHING). You are the reason of your problems and mistakes in life. When you start to understand it and control it your life will be changed. You are like a magnet, if you are clean calm and full of clear energy you will attract the same things and people in your life. I can guide you in this process. I am a Shaman from Siberia. My granny is a well known and respectable shaman in Kazakhstan. I have 12 years of experience. I can show you the right way to go when you’re lost. everything is possible and our thoughts come true. just learn to think positive and to get rid of your fears. You can really do everything.

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I have the following diplomas and certificates:

17.04.2007 Certificate of Tarot Reader issued in by Scandinavian School of Magic and Tarot. It certifies that I finished education at a programe Big course of Tarot. 04.02.2009 Certificate of the training course Tarot reader. Tarot teacher. 07.07.2010 Certificate issued by Non comercial partnership League of Psychics. It certifies that I passed all experiments which confirm that I have psychic abilities 27.07.2015 Diploma Practice of Tarot 03.06.2016 Certificate issued by International Foretelling Academy. It certifies that I received a qualification Magician Tarot Reader . 10.06.2017 Diploma. Master in Tarot and Oracles. A specialist in Tarot counselling. 07.07.2017 Certificate. Qualification Tarot reader of the 1st category. 10.12.2017 Certificate. Specialist in Tarot cards. 09.09.2018 Diploma. Psychic and Tarot Reader. 13.11.2018 Certificate. Consultant in Oraculum systems. Practitioner 21.03.2019 Diploma. Parapsychology.


I have 12 years of experience. I read Tarot cards, Oracle cards, pendulum. I clean Aura and energy, make protection with the amulets, contact with spirits in the shaman trance. I grew up in a chaman family and from the childhood I could contact spirits and receive information from them, heal energy of our body.

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Languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+00:00) December 01, 2020, 03:34PM

Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: more than a month ago

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10 Feb 2020 excellent ranking abigailmagick

Thank you once again :)

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01 Feb 2020 unsatisfactory ranking satxvee

I read through the transcript over and over and still can’t make sense of it. Very confusing reading UPDATE: Yes the reading was 26 minutes. but it was not thorough and made no sense whatsoever. I kept needing to clarify. She said that my person has no interest but then ends saying he wants to be with only me. HUH? She is an extremely slow typer!!! I ended up getting a reading with a more reputable psychic and it totally made more sense and way different than her reading. In her case you get what you pay for. Awful.

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29 Jan 2020 unsatisfactory ranking lifeisjoy

Paid $20 for a session that was not accurate. Tried to be kind and leabe a good review but ask for clarity and was not very nice. Offered to clarify but only talked for 10 minutes and said she has another client and left. Told me to come back and I did and claimed she clarified for an hour. Yet the transcript doesn’t say a hour of time. Then the excuse was, you’re paying for May time. So basically not for the talent. I felt that was wrong. I felt cheated. I try to leave good comments for people but beware. I felt this woman only wants your money and not the care of her customers. We make your paycheck please havw more respect for us.

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28 Jan 2020 excellent ranking crystalover1212

Amazing detail reading

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28 Jan 2020 excellent ranking Gloria (unregistered)

Wow she is wonderful!! She only needs names and the answers just pour out to you. Very honest and compassionate also with good or bad news.

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