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“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

~Namaste’ and Welcome! I am Madame Rosa, 5 Star Interpreter of the Book of Destiny a.k.a.The Order of the Magi, Psychic Empath, Galactic Activator & Visionary with a Vision, On a Divine Mission.

Have names, birthdates & ages of all parties ready (where possible) in this format, if you please: Jane, 1 Sept 1989, 30

Whilst you explain the specifics of your inquiry and situation, I will be gleaning insight. The more specific you are, the better for both of us! The more I know, the more I can see for you. I want to be able to answer all of your questions accurately.

I am direct in my approach & I don’t candy-coat. However, I am empathic and considerate, and you, the client, are most important.

My purpose is to give you Clarity and Guidance & to Awaken and Empower You Going Forward in any situation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I come from a lineage of gurus in the family line of Christ.

In my most recent past life, I was Paramahansa Yogananda who founded the Self-Realization Fellowship, which teaches Kriya Yoga: a system of meditation techniques which rapidly accelerate spiritual development, giving a profound state of awareness, tranquility, and God-communion.

In my readings, on certain YES or NO questions you may pose, I will ask you walk with me from your chest area where you may harbor emotions of all kinds, to your third-eye, as if ascending steps to the roof of a building where you can see forever. From there, we will ask God directly.

I am aware of 8 of my past lives, and I am writing "Autobiography of a Yogi, Part II," as the mission continues…..

From a past-life perspective, I will detail the dynamics in your soul connections, validating your already excellent intuition, and/or giving you fresh insight.

I hold a Bachelors in Secondary English Teaching & Minor in ESL. I speak Spanish & Italian


Over 35 Years Experience

From my early teen years, I have studied Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot "by Osmosis," as my mother was always interested in reading my cards to me, especially just at the precise moment I wanted to go hang out with my friends! She was quite a Lady! And for those of you in the know, she was the reincarnation of Shri Yukteswar Giri. She is now reincarnated as a small child and is living in Cali, where the Self Realization headquarters and many chapels and meditation centers are, leading me on once again.

In India, between 1984-89, I studied Chiromancy (Palmistry), and read the Tarot at the Anjuna Flea Market in Goa, to make my bread and rent. I had my daughter in Goa, and returned to the US in 1989. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints soon thereafter, and concentrated on raising my children & getting my teaching degree. I did so in 2005.

In 2009, a couple of years after I met my Twin Flame, I began studying the Book of Destiny, and I have been interpreting it for over 10 years now.

After 13 years on the Twin Flame Path, I am certainly a Twin Flame "Expert" and am able to advise all Soul Connections: Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Soulmates, a.k.a. Karmic Soul Twins.

In addition, I am the reincarnation of Radha of RadhaKrishna, long expected poster children for the Twin Flame. All twins in separation must always remember: Separation is Preparation, and There is No Real Separation Spiritually. Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self wants Union as much as you do, or Your Higher Self does! That which you are seeking is seeking you! Stay the Course, We are With YOU!

In the Order of the Magi System, the playing cards are a calendar, and therefore, I am able to give reliable timelines.

There are 52 cards in a deck and 52 weeks in a year. There are 4 seasons, and 4 suits, 12 court cards/12 months in a year, 13 values/ 13 lunar cycles in a year, 2 colors/day and night. Amazingly, if you add up all of the cards: Aces valued as 1, and the Jacks, Queens and Kings as 11, 12 and 13, respectively, you will arrive at a grand total of 364, and by adding the first Joker you arrive at 365!! By adding the second Joker adds up to 366, covering even Leap Year!

In this system, my Birth Card is the 9 of Clubs, The Universal Giver of Knowledge, and my Planetary Ruling Card is the 4 of Clubs, The Card of Mental Satisfaction.

Like all 9’s, if I am not giving, & in this case, sharing my knowledge, I will not be happy. As a 4 of Clubs, there is foundation, stability and security in my knowledge. The person with this card is someone good at what they do.

When I was Yogananda, I had almost the same cards! The 9 of Spades, The Universal Giver of Life, and the 4 of Clubs, like now!

In "Autobiography of a Yogi," I wrote "mother was a Queen of Hearts, and taught only through love." In this life, she is my daughter. Guess what her BirthCard is? The Queen of Hearts!

Come and Learn Your BirthCard, the Cards of your Loved Ones, & Gain the Clarity and Guidance You Seek!

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Languages: English & Spanish

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