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✨ Negative reviews are from well known freebie seekers and serial rate bashers with mental health issues as you can see from what they wrote. They tried to get free readings by threatening 1 star reviews if I didnt refund them. I dont negotiate with unbalanced people. I am a well known 5 star psychic on many other platforms.✨

Are you seeking answers about your love life, career, or just want peace of mind? Look no further than Scarlet whos an experienced psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant specialist.

Please note that my services are for entertainment purposes only and I cannot answer questions related to medical/health, investment, legal or lottery matters. I appreciate your understanding that Iam a real humans providing our time and interpretations, and as such, we do not offer refunds or chargebacks.

If you’re ready to unlock the answers you’ve been seeking, contact us today and receive love and blessings from our team.

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●○● ❤️ Sometimes love life can encounter obstacles and difficulties a Tarot Reader should be able to help you understand the situation by looking for answers that are already inside you! Remember that even what it seems to be difficult, the universe has its own ways to fix everything. Tarot cards will help you understand what needs to be changed in your life to return connected with your deep! ●○●

I love life in all its nuances, and i like to learn day by day what life offers us! Life is wonderful even in difficult times you can see the light.


I believe in the power of rituals and in nature, which is our first mother and with whom we should connect more often. And I believe in the power of our deep, who already has the answers we seek.

- Please consider that timeframes are only ESTIMATES OF TIME – specific dates cannot be given and they can always change , we really can’t control time which is a FLOW -

With my natural gifts, I have over 27 years of experience as a professional reader.

Disclaimer: No free readings, The first 3 minutes is for you to give first names, dobs, questions, & request the deal type you’re interested in, or the per minute rate.NO REFUNDS; our chat transcript is evidence of agreement to pay for my TIME & energy.

I do not offer pregnancy, medical or legal readings or exact time predictions. Timing is always in divine timing. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Price is for time and does not guarantee an outcome.

Disclaimer: My services do not replace those of a licensed physician, attorney/lawyer, psychiatrist, etc. For legal purposes, readings are for entertainment only. I reserve the right to refuse service or block ANYONE for ANY reason. I do not comment on other readers’ predictions or other services they conduct for you. Consistent with the Terms of Service (TOS) of this site, your personal information is not shared with anyone, except bitwine & Paypal (you agree to this as a client of both sites). I am not responsible for your actions or choices after our session.


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04 May 2021 unsatisfactory ranking zara22

Could tell immediately she wasn’t tuned in due to very inaccurately describing present situation of which a few things I have accurate info about. E.g. when I told her my POI moved away, she said that he “moved for another woman, moved for love” and when I clarified that I wasn’t asking why he moved, and that no he moved to be by a family member she responded with “well he loves his family right? And he must have met a woman there” despite me knowing that he’s in fact dealing with a serious family issue where he is thus the move. Missed another a major issue at play as well. She did not offer a refund despite me mentioning within the first few minutes that things were off. She may respond to this review saying that I’m upset because she gave me “news I didn’t want to hear” but assure you that’s not the case here. I’d not recommend this reader

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20 Feb 2020 unsatisfactory ranking bluerms

Mentioned that he texts me out of guilt but I know he does not reach out just because of guilt. We have been separated for sometime so there is no reason for him to feel guilty even if he is seeing or talking to someone else, we are both single. I have told him before not to contact me but he still does, so not sure why the guilt to text me after what I have told him. She saw that he did not get the response he wanted about rekindling the romance from me. But then turns around and says he wants me to let go so he can move on with this other lady but that he also likes seeing me waiting? Sounds confusing and contradicting. It just feels like this was guess answers by what I was telling her.

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08 Feb 2020 excellent ranking zoey3

Wonderful! She was accurate and gave tons of info! Will be back

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01 Feb 2020 excellent ranking sarina1

Very fast reassuring and positive

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07 Jan 2020 excellent ranking tigerpaw

Detailed answers and quick to type. Picked up accurate details about break up...

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