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Accurate, Compassionate and Empathic Psychic. Can you trust them? Are you looking for love or the right career path? Find out the answers today.


I do not do free readings. Sorry. I started noticing I was a bit different around the age of 7 or 8 years old. I made a game of predicting who was calling before I answered the phone, before caller ID existed! I thought that all children did this and that I wasn’t any different than most. Over time I learned that these odd little abilities I had were something that was passed down in my family through the years. I thought that everyone’s dreams ended up happening in their real lives!

◊ Natural Born 5th Gen Psychic

◊ Empath

◊ Clairvoyant

◊ Clairsentient

◊ No Tools

◊ Tarot

◊ Numerology

◊ Astrology

◊ Dream Interpretation

◊ Spiritualist

◊ Manifesting

 I am always studying and expanding my skills

Let’s get to the bottom of what you are dealing with so that you can feel better. 

◊ Recurrent dreams ◊ Infidelity ◊ Relationships ◊ Marriage/Divorce ◊ Parenting ◊ Finance ◊ Business ◊ Moving House ◊ Lost Love ◊ New Love ◊ Attracting Love ◊ Attracting Abundance

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a certified life coach with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy. This means that I can help you identify bad habits and overcome them. Reach your fullest potential!

I don’t like to give people bad news, but I won’t hesitate to if I see it come up. If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, that is not me.

◊ 16 years experience

◊ Certified Life Coach

◊ Certified Psychic Reader

◊ Certified in Spiritual Counseling


A little about me!

I love animals and have worked as a veterinary nurse and also worked for a MAJOR pet food company. If you have a pet, you have heard of them. In my spare time I play music, sing and study.

I am currently studying spiritual counseling alongside  cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming,  and brain retraining.  These can make a major difference in many people's lives.
I work for a few other major psychic websites and have had over one thousand 4 and 5 start reviews on those sites. I am new to bitwine but definitely NOT new to this industry. I have been doing psychic readings for  others for over 16 years.

I will do GENERAL timelines but it is best not to focus on those because they can change at anytime due to your own actions. Focusing on timelines can really hold you back from your own success. I cannot give you a physical description of your future lover because people can dye their hair, wear contacts, gain weight, lost weight, etc. I can tell you how your future relationship will be and how they will treat you.

◊ Relationship questions and worries? I can help.

◊ Career path changes or worries? I can help.

◊ Looking for a new love? I can help.

◊ Moving on from an old love? I can help.

◊ Marriage and infidelity issues? I can help.

◊ Lost? Lonely? I can help.

◊ Too much negativity in your life? I can help.

◊ Overwhelmed and need a caring ear and someone to give you advice or just listen? That’s me!

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14 Nov 2021 excellent ranking meg205

I will be back... you are so gifted. Thank you, God bless you

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14 Nov 2021 excellent ranking days86

She was amazing, connects so well and so easy to talk to. Thank you x

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12 Apr 2021 excellent ranking sharon88

Truely gifted! Many thanks

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21 Sep 2020 excellent ranking sien (unregistered)

kind :)

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30 Mar 2020 excellent ranking kemc15

Elle is highly compassionate and empathetic. She was caring but delivered all information with clarity and honesty. She provided details on a person that was extremely accurate and gave realistic points in how all would unfold. Precise, sensitive, and very thoughtful with here time, Elle provided quick yet thorough responses. Thanks so much Elle!

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