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I have been a professional psychic for over twenty years, giving readings to clients all over the world. I deeply respect my clients and my work, and I still love giving readings as much as I did when I first started. Over the years I have heard many misconceptions about psychics and psychic readings and would like to bring some clarity to a couple of the more mystifying issues surrounding a psychic reading. Most specifically, how does a reading happen?I share with you how a psychic reading happens, I can only speak for myself. How other psychics treat their clients; what they see; and how they approach, interpret, and impart information to a client—these all depend on a reader’s intention toward their clients and their work.

For me, giving a reading has always been like stepping into a person’s life for the duration of their reading. It is as though I am standing next to them, "seeing" the people or circumstances both as they currently are as well as upcoming in their life. I feel what they feel.

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I have given thousands of readings over the years, I am still amazed every day of my life that the information comes to me with such exceptional clarity, and that my readings are filled with defining, personal details connected to existing or upcoming situations, events, or people for the client.

It is important to me that my clients are comfortable during their reading. Though I talk about some of the most intimate issues in their life, it does not escape me that we are strangers when we first meet; they don’t really know me or how I work. Over the years I have learned that people experience a variety of emotions when they first come for an appointment, and when they are comfortable, they can hear me.


There really is a natural order of importance to issues in a reading. I tell my clients that, if they wish, they should write down a list of specific questions they would like me to address, but to please keep it in a pocket until I have finished their reading. Though I have usually answered all of the questions on the list by the end of the reading, they are free to ask whatever questions they may have, whether on the list or something they just thought of. If they feel it is important to them, then it is important to me.

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07 Mar 2019 excellent ranking brighttulip

Seemed to connect well. Hope she's right. We'll have to see.

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05 Mar 2019 excellent ranking sweet211

Yes very god gifted angel

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04 Mar 2019 excellent ranking Yve (unregistered)

She’s excellent... honest and very real with her readings. Made me see things from a different perspective. Will definitely be back.

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02 Mar 2019 excellent ranking pandax

Very detailed. Answered all my questions before I can even ask her. She’s great

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24 Feb 2019 excellent ranking lovelylinda

Love checking in with Spy! Thanks :)

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