Intuitive Guidance: What's in Your Aura?


Channeled Message March 15: Although we are all on different timelines, now is the time to work toward your clarity so by the end of the month we can see our situations objectively in order to let go. It has been a rough few months for many of us, culminating in difficulty which was felt heavily by many of us in February. Take care of yourself, and Love & Light to all! <3

Need a little clarity? In search of guidance? Roadblocks standing in your way?

As an empath, I sense the energy of your situation to give you intuitive insight into love, career, and breaking cycles of your past so that you can move forward. Let’s unlock your own unique gifts and talents so that you can get on track to a bright and happy future!

LGBT Welcome!

Please note that I do not perform free readings, but I will provide clarity for a paid session.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Over 12 years experience Mentored under psychics from Lilydale Mentored with internationally-known psychics

Topics of Specialty include: *Spiritual and Life Coaching/Guidance *Meditational Guidance *Energy Love Guidance *Aura Reading *Angel Communication *Assistance with Lucid Dreaming (Take Control of Your Night Life!) *Assistance in Cleansing *Blocking Negative Energy & "Psychic Vampires" *Establishing Boundaries in Life and in the Spiritual Realm


I didn’t recognize my gifts in my youth, so it wasn’t until I was I was in my early twenties that I began exploring that aspect of myself. This puts me at about twelve years of experience, with much of that time being mainly practice in honing my skills. I wanted to be sure when I did venture onto this path professionally that I would be able to deliver to each client’s individual needs. Now that I’m just a few years away from forty, I also have a little life experience and I have been doing this professionally for several years before finally going full-time in 2017.

Much of my spiritual exploration was from my own experience as well as from books, but it was connecting with other advisors which validated many of my experiences, such as the “chills” I get during a reading. I also discovered there was a name for people like me—I am an empath. Through these connections, I was fortunate enough to further develop and hone my skills to better serve my clients, and I’m still learning. The learning part of the journey is never over no matter what path we choose.

You can find me on Purple Ocean and its two sister sites, Purple Garden and Bitwine.

Of my personal interests I love The Golden Girls, Hello Kitty, Prince, marine life, gardening, Halloween, and I have a beautiful little yellow budgie who is just full of personality!

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05 Mar 2019 satisfactory ranking yourlove7

She was alright, but she wasn't spectacular or anything. I tried to allow the conversation to keep going to see if she would be able to tune in better or pick up more but I don't think I got much. I felt like I was constantly trying to drag information out of her. Felt like she picked up a little, but not completely.

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03 Mar 2019 excellent ranking chante27

Awesome reading gives lots of details and information. Seemed to be very caring and accurate she’s a must try!

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23 Feb 2019 excellent ranking wondering19

Joslyn has excellent insight and advice. She alerted me about a detail in the situation we are dealing with. I didn't give it the attention I should have and put it aside. I wish I would have listened to her and paid attention to this as it turned out to be huge!! I can't thank you enough for your generosity and kindness in guiding me through this very difficult situation. She is truly here to help.

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21 Feb 2019 excellent ranking wondering19

Excellent! Very patient and generous. Makes sure all questions are answered. Picked up on a couple different situations really well. Thanks again!

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21 Feb 2019 excellent ranking maa

Thank you!

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