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I am Arel, Let me help you reach your peace of mind! I will offer you my help and guidance to overcome any obstacle in your life. Path of life is a key to understand and find many answers. I have been using numerology to help my clients. I am very good with numbers as they appear as symbols and words to me. I read numbers as if they are a language and I translate it to my clients. Numerology is a very interesting tool and journey that can help you travel through your past, present and future, especially if you master this science, which I do. All I am asking for is your trust, honesty and patience, and I will do my best to make you happy and satisfied. Together with my spiritual gift and long experience, I can let you into a new universe where clarity is all you see in every galaxy. Come talk to me and enter my universe. Come and I will shed light on your love life as well as your professional one or any other topic of your choice. Remember that at the end there is always a solution.


I have been helping people to improve themselves through all steps of life for years now and i have enjoyed it more than anything in my life. I have over 10 years of experience in helping people through my abilities and so i dedicated most of my time using my psychic gift with tarot cards to improve myself and offer my help and guidance to overcome any obstacle in others lives and my clients satisfaction always comes first. I have been honest and very clear with my reading to others and i will always Be.

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12 Apr 2022 unsatisfactory ranking lost167

I don’t really know what to make of this, things are bad so it could be true but then the real issue between us was missed a bit. The major issue. But if I’m wrong, I will do the honest thing and remove this review.

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18 Oct 2020 unsatisfactory ranking peaceculture

I usually really like getting a reading with this person, but I have to be honest. I find the abrupt ending rather rude. It is disrespectful to just hang up on a person who paid for a service. Also, I find it hard to hear be positive, when someone only points out flaws and speaks negatively about the person in question. It leads to confusion. Needless to say, for the first time I am wishing I didn't get a reading and feel maybe this was my last one. I am starting to get the impression this reader wants me to hold a negative mindset about the POI which is confusing because then he says to stay positive. My mind is really confused right now.

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08 Feb 2019 unsatisfactory ranking tinydancer121182

I'm so sorry Arel but I waited untill the very end to get my main questions answered but they weren't. I left as confused as I came in. I wanted to know if there is a future with him or if i was wasting my time. And when a move in would actually happen but you couldnt answer that. Please kindly refund & I will change my review if you make it right. Money doesnt come easy for me.

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05 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking camcam

the reading was ok until I was told that I am always losing control of my emotions. I am offended by the false reading and would not use this advisor again.

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29 Sep 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jlynn21

Sorry I am leaving a bad review but I have to be honest. So you told me my POI is interested in someone else and he invited her to his bday party to. This is so out of his character, and I have spoken to many advisor’s and you are the only one that said there is someone else he is interested. My PoI isn’t the type of guy to invite two girls he is talking to, to the same party. I also asked him if there was anyone else besides me and he said no. Our communication has actually increased since I spoke to you. You said he won’t communicate much with me and he actually won’t text me until the day of his party. He keeps talking about how he can’t wait to see me next weekend and introduce me to his friends. This has nothing to do with me not liking the the truth, I don’t feel like it was my truth. My gut tells me what you said is wrong and I have to go by my gut.

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