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Hi I’m Psychic advisor carol I am a fourth generation psychic reader and advisor Born with my spiritual gifts Psychic medium clairvoyant I give advice on all matters of life But love is my main specialty Soulmate and twin flame Expert and specialist I have over 25 years of experience helping others Through my readings discovered I am psychic at age 6 Inherited my gift My family generation of psychics I love sharing my spiritual gifts with others If you’ve got questions while I’ve got the answers to put you on the right path in life and make today a better tomorrow Get honest answers that you need I am honest and accurate I don’t sugarcoat nothing I don’t tell you what you wanna hear I tell you the truth I’m very straightforward and very intuitive Helping people from all around the world I gave all types of readings love readings soulmate &twinflame readings esp Mediumship Psychic clairvoyant tarot cards oracle angel card readings chakra and Reiki crystal readings Spiritual meditation New age Metaphysics

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4 generation psychic clairvoyant medium soulmate and twin flame specialist new age Metaphysical lightworker Been helping others most of my life in person At my spiritual gift shop And also on social media I’m here to help in all matters of life I just need your name and birthday you don’t have to tell me a word I am fast and straight to the point straightforward I don’t sugarcoat nothing I don’t waste time I’m here to make a difference in peoples lives at affordable cost I’ve helped so many people in my lifetime To reunite them with their lovers Also financial problems problems with their marriage Give them directions to find true love or soulmate Helping people get the right career path If you’re suffering from depression I am here to help you find happiness I give you a Clarity and closure that you need i can help you where others have failed pet psychic can tell you what your pet is thinking or needs help with I have all types of varieties of readings Tarot card reading’s full life readings


I’ve been helping others with spiritual healing over 25 years of Experience Discovered I am psychic at age 6 started sharing my gifts with others at a young teenager I can reunite lovers With my psychic abilities I am able to tell you what he or she is thinking Is he or she the right one for you are you searching for your soulmate questions about your job career marriage or business opportunities Friendship travel Questions about your family I love sharing my gift with others and it’s my gold to assist you are you going through depression stress or financial problems while I am here to help you if you honest answers that you need to make today a better tomorrow Do you feel lost and lonely or confused Well look no further Psychic carol Fourth generation psychic advisor I can channel with spirits Who have crossed over Mediumship reading’s Pet psychic Soulmate twinflames specialist an expert Ligthworker spiritual healing‘s Astrology and horoscope

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) December 04, 2022, 09:40AM

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25 Nov 2022 excellent ranking Luna (unregistered)

Wow, she started immediately from just name and DOB. She was very comforting and caring. Thank you so much

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21 Nov 2022 excellent ranking crystal858

she is the best here. i asked her if me and my boyfriend will find a better place to live and she said the he will find a place for the both of us. she is right because he is doing the searching and his qualifications are better and knows im struggling with approval. she was right on alot of other stuff also. her predictions are coming true for me. she connects very well and tell you what she sees straight to the point. she is great. i love her!!!!

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10 Nov 2022 excellent ranking She (unregistered)

She’s wonderful and connected immensely!

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07 Nov 2022 excellent ranking crystal858

she is on point about everything. she predicted marriage and i just got a promise ring from my boy friend. she is very gifted and i trust her advice no matter what she says i know it will always be trueth..

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18 Oct 2022 excellent ranking Thinking (unregistered)

Detail fast thanks will wait and see

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