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NO SUGARCOATING! I will tell you exactly what I see and not what you want to hear.

I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been telling everyone my whole life.. don’t let the looks fool you!!

I am a 5th generation master psychic reader and advisor. I specialize in love and relationships, cheating and affairs and can decode your past present and future. I’m also gifted in reuniting lost love’s back together. I’m highly qualified, experienced and gifted psychic. I have done readings as a profession since I was 14 years old (Over 13 years experience) I consult my spirit guides as well as my tarot before I make any major decision in my life and I aim to share that with you. When you are chatting with me, this is a safe place where you can tell me anything without worry of judgement. LGBTQ friendly as well because I love you all!!! Please you must ask for an offer to receive an offer as default is min to min :)

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I have been doing readings professionally for many years, mostly with repeat customers. I have worked as a reader at private parties all over the country. I have been through hell and back in my life already and through prayer and my guides I have been able to find my way back to the light. I can help you because chances are I’ve been through it already. The best times to find me is Monday through Sunday (Every day) typically from 11am Eastern to 2am Eastern. Although Bitwine doesn’t offer an iPhone app for readers, I have found a way to take clients wherever I am with my Windows tablet :) <b>Please do not leave me bad reviews just because you do not like the message.. What I tell you is the absolute truth and besides, it’s bad karma.</b>


I feel that none of us are meant to walk the Earth alone and therefore there is a match for EVERYONE, and no relationship is impossible! I love LOVE. I want you to experience all the richness life has to offer. I can help you find love but most importantly, keep love. WHEN? (Timing) So if natural timing comes up in your reading or if I can sense a season, I will let you know! I will not guess for timing because it isn’t accurate and ANY one that tells you they can give you an exact date, time, etc is lying to you. This is not my aim. Time is FOREVER in motion! You decide where your life goes and when. Every action you or the people surrounding you make affects the timing of your life. Ever seen that Ashton Kutcher movie "The Butterfly Effect" honestly it’s like that. Coffee or Tea? Whichever you choose will have an affect on your life. Do not be concerned about judgement with me. I cannot be shocked. Affairs, complicated relationships, abuse, cruelty and betrayal are all part of this world we inhabit and it is so helpful and necessary to your wellbeing to unburden yourself in a safe environment and that is what I offer you. I have heard it all and done plenty in my time here. In your session you can say anything you need to say without any worry whatsoever. I will talk with you about mental illness, addiction, suicide, depression, lonelinness. I am here to listen to you and offer you guidance. Readings with me on nearly any subject will take AT LEAST 10 minutes. Prepare accordingly please. I am afraid I will not turn cards for you until you pay for my time. The free 3 minutes is there for us to talk and for me to understand your questions. You will not work for free and I am unable to. I am aware I will still run into those out there that are looking for help and that are unable to pay and I do understand this but please I ask that you respect that I have children to provide for as well as myself and this is my profession. Thank you. Pricing

$10 deal is for first 8 min. I LOVE hearing updates but please refrain from entering chat solely for this purpose as it prevents me from accepting other clients. Please feel free to update by sending me a message :) I am a very sweet girl but as I have mentioned as well I am doing this to feed my children as this is my only job. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am unable to have a "real" job so please respect this and know that I will not begin reading until we have talked about compensation. I will not give you free minutes to "feel connected". I understand financial concerns, we all have them. It’s upsetting when a client tries to get free services. We ALL (On Bitwine and beyond) work very hard and should be treated fairly. I will respectfully say no if you try to get free services from me and I will defend my right to do so. There are many things I will tolerate but rudeness is not one of them. If you become rude, demanding or deceitful, I will block you. No refunds please:)

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11 Nov 2019 excellent ranking iagmama

He made contact. Thanks

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11 Nov 2019 excellent ranking kdawggy

Thank you Rayne. Sorry I cut it early. I’ll be back and thanks for your help

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02 Oct 2019 excellent ranking mynameismaria

she's the best, always on point

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02 Sep 2019 excellent ranking mynameismaria

thank you raynee <3

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01 Sep 2019 excellent ranking mynameismaria

so great, can trust her, very accurate. no doubt about

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