☾Gifted Clairvoyant Advisor In All aspects Of Life! Providing Detailed Sessions With Accurate Predictions♥


Ever since I was young enough to play ball with the other children, I have always been aware of my spiritual abilities, and I have always wanted to do something with them/put them to good use. I served in a private psychic group for over 9+ years, and have been with other forms of psychic lines in the past. I would provide readings/tarot readings for friends and family members.

✧Providing accurate predictions that come to past. ✧Using my spiritual abilities to give you my best insight. ✧Helping you spiritually, psychically, and emotionally to become the best that you can be.

Love, Career, Marriage, Divorce, Same sex relationships, Past lives, Chakra balancing & Training, Energy work, Life coaching.

I have provided a video on insight on how to balance your chakaras at home. (Watch my video button)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

♥C R E D E N T I A L S ♥

  • Degree In Psychology
  • Studied at Berkeley Psychic Institute
  • Six+ Years In a Private Psychic Group

☾My spiritual abilities include:☾

Clairsentience (Clear sensing) – I can feel and describe energy and emotions from other people.

Clairvoyant (Clear seeing) – I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, or physical event.

Claircognizance (Clear knowing) – Sensing knowledge of a situation.

Empath – feeling the energy and emotions of client and others involved


"May you always find your intuitive voice and may the language of your intuition sing" -Unknown

What I Need from You:

Register for Bitwine. Names and/or nicknames. Gender identities for each person in question – including yours (female, male, other). Dates of birth. Specific and direct questions. "Yes/No" questions are too black and white, so keep inquiries open-ended. That way, we may allow for Spirit to fill you in on any messages available for you at this time. Focus on the next 1-3 months for timeline related questions. You may alter your long-term path with your actions NOW, especially after a reading. If you have a medical or legal question, please consult professionals in those fields. Example Questions:

Bad: "How does Sam feel about me? Will we be together again? Will we get married later on and have a family? What job is right for me? What if I do this side business?"

Good: "How does Sam (m, Apr. 20 1989) feel about me (Melanie, f, Aug. 19 1991) ever since we stopped talking a couple of weeks ago? What is the likeliness of us reconciling? Is there anything I could be doing to help encourage us to work it out? What is ahead in the next couple of months for us? What is our potential for a long-term commitment? As for my second topic, I would like to ask about my career path. I am a veterinarian and would like to start my own business making vegan pet treats. What opportunities could I have if I move in this direction? How might it impact my day job?"

Be clear – My rational mind is still very much a part of these readings. I may need to reinterpret some of the information I receive due to confusing conversation.

Please don’t come to me inebriated unless you are very cognizant.

If you are in need of serious help, please call the national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 then call me back when you are feeling better! :)

Please call back if we get disconnected!♥

✧ ☾Feedback is always appreciated☾ ✧ NO REFUNDS** unless we got disconnected

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06 Jan 2022 excellent ranking luisa83

Very Clear and consistente Reading.

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11 Dec 2021 excellent ranking kyttikatt

Kind, helpful and very patient reader, highly recommend a reading with her :)

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21 Nov 2021 excellent ranking dara12

empathetic, compassionate and a generous reader...will wait for predictions..thanks a lot!!

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16 Nov 2021 unsatisfactory ranking deb02

Last prediction regarding my ex & I getting back together has not happened yet. He came back to just waste my time. She also hung up on me during our last reading.

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08 Nov 2021 excellent ranking d135791

Great reading! Thank you for your time!

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