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Hello, I’m Miss Ann. I’m a reader and adviser with over 30 years of experience. I have spent my life honing my craft.

I offer psychic readings using my empathy and tarot cards to guide me. My current favorite deck is the Cat’s Eye Tarot.

I must warn you, I am honest to a fault and my style is to shoot from the hip. I won’t tell you there is hope for a situation when there is no hope at all. While I am compassionate, I won’t give you false hope or tell you to continue destructive patterns in your life. So if you’re looking for someone to tell you to continue a life path that is hopeless, I am not the reader for you.

If you’re hung up on time frames, I’m not the reader for you.

I am here to advise you, help you through your problems and help you grow.

I am here to work. I don’t give free readings, nor can I do $5 readings. Don’t ask me to prove myself before you’re willing to pay, by expecting me to tell you a future event. Please note I do not give refunds.

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07 Aug 2018 unsatisfactory ranking yulee1990

Unsure if she’s connected to my situation... shes a nice person though

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05 Feb 2018 unsatisfactory ranking paridhi

I am sorry for this review. She is wonderful person. But because I rely on these reviews a lot that’s why I have to be honest. In December she told me and the person would hold a future but it will be slow and will take time but it will be there, and was very specific about details like it will be in sky and you two will have your walls up. I patiently waited and trusted her then. Then today I came for my second read, but things had completely changed in a bad way he is happy without me (from being emotionally crashed in December). She might be right, he might have moved on. But my dear why in December you read for so far when you know you are not sure things will change. Please don’t give false hopes until you are certain. I guess she reads present well but if you are here for something for future then I won’t rely on information given because things always changes.

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25 Jan 2018 unsatisfactory ranking mely33

I won't be returning. Been reading with her since September and she made me believe something that's never going to happen. Her predictions never came to pass and yesterday I got a different reading from 3 weeks ago. Three weeks ago things are due to happen soon and yesterday I was told that there is a wait or whatever that I was on the back burner. I don't trust those readings anymore and it's best if I move on for good because all that was simply a fairy tale. Truth is in front of me.

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20 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking alex223

I had one question and after $20 charge I got from hI'm getting out of bed....until relationship maybe on his terms. ..etc.NO ANSWER AFTER ALL...What if I had 3 questions. ..lol.This is the MOST CRAZY READ I ever got. ..Why asked so MAN questions about situation and then go card by card...I don't care about CARDS ...I asked 1 question so answer it please. Yes but no...maybe. ..I'm not sure what you think you doing.

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15 Sep 2017 unsatisfactory ranking butterfly2017


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