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First of all, I DO NOT OFFER FREE QUESTIONS. I can understand maybe you are worried, or you need help as soon as possible, I am here to give you that help, but I need your help too. The only thing you can do to help me for your help, is that you pay. I think I am not so expensive, so please, pay and I will gladly help you. This work seems so simple, but it is so difficult; we,the psychics, spend a lot of energy of ours, to be able to help you, heal you, etc.

We can know us and chat a little. But NO FREE READINGS. If not, I am so sorry but I will not answer you. Thanks!

Hi! I am Eirian Since I was a child I have a gift which left me see spirits. Now I am older and I decided to use it to help persons like you. I can help in different aspects: Tarot, clairvoyance, reiki healing Please if you are lost or you feel you need a healing, ... contact me!

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Languages: Spanish, English

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