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I offer mainly 2 types of services the intuitive readings and the intuitive counseling/coaching. My readings will offer an understanding of the overall situation as well as guidance and clarity. I combine different types of cards with channeled messages from source. I also use my pendulum for time frames and yes or no questions. The coaching focus is to offer you practical advice for whatever life situation or dilemma you might be going through. It can help you change your perspective if you are feeling negative or depressed. It aims to aid you during a period of change, confusion or transformation and to help you find yourself, your truth and change your life to the better. Looking forward to connecting with you. Much love!

NO free test the psychic questions. NO questions about other people unless it’s your child. Invasion of other people private lives is against my moral code and causes bad karma for both of us. Please respect that. NO heath or pregnency readings go see a doctor.

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I’m an empath, a light worker and a certified energy worker. I am also a certified Reiki master and a certified Life Coach. I’m able to sense vibrations and emotions and this allows me to undrestand people on a much deeper level. Tap into their feelings and see their blocks and emotional scars. All my services come from a place of unconditional love. With my readings I can help you uncover the truth behind what is really going on in your life and offer you the guidance you need to overcome any issues. I can see where you are headed based on your current energy vibration that you are sending out to the universe and I can offer you ways to free yourself from fears and find your joy. My readings are always honest, insightful, positive and uplifting. My mission is to help you make choices that are more aligned with your higher self. And to help you see clearly through the layers of illusions and the chaos in order to undrestand yourself better and what you truly want, so you can live a more joyful life.


3 years of experience as a professional intuitive reader, healer, and life coach.

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Languages: English, Frensh, Arabic

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Local Time: (GMT+01:00) May 18, 2024, 06:13PM

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09 Jun 2018 excellent ranking amberaa

Wonderful and insightful! Looking forward to predictions and will update:)

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05 Feb 2018 excellent ranking cezz32

Wonderful reading she picked up so much thank you :)

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30 Jan 2018 excellent ranking libbyf

Such a lovely reading thank you.

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27 Sep 2017 satisfactory ranking io.A (unregistered)

nice person patient and kind overall and professional and generous but i felt often vague and didn't really feel any concrete insight provided that really assisted me or gave me concrete insight.

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26 Sep 2017 satisfactory ranking bluerms

Thank you overall I am not sure if this was accurate, nice person gave extra time but also initially took long to respond 2-3min pauses. This was a combination of advice/counseling she mentioned communication issues & them needing to get better for the relationship to survive but to give him space, its hard to work on communication issues while giving a person space. Also mentioned issues my partner is having with work but "could not look further bc it would be invasion of privacy" thanks for your time though

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