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^ LOVE AND LIFE READINGS ^ ??? GET ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS TODAY! ???? ⭐️⭐️ My Psychic Readings are very deep. I have the ability to transmit into your soul and I will communicate with your soul. I go one step further, I uplift the veil and tune into your destiny/fate as somethings are meant to be and somethings are not meant to be and will give you the reasons why. I go even further and welcome your spirit guides, angels and elders to strengthen your psychic reading. I have the ability to interpret your dreams as they are messages directly given to you from the Spiritual Dimension. I can read into the colours of your aura which will tell the Psychic who you are and what you want in life.

Warm, sane, compassionate, guidance and spiritual counseling – top rated 5 stars; lods of reviews, now on Bitwine.

Why wait when you can create? If a typical psychic reading keeps you waiting and wondering, real intuitive guidance can illuminate a clear direction: ♥ Where are we heading?

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’’i feel like i have a better perspective and that will help me long after the reading. İ didnt hear what i hoped but i feel calm and i like i have a better idea of how to take charge of my path. Thank you so much!!’‘

  • İ Have Done This For More Than 20 years, Seen Very interresting Thing, İ HAVE Seen Beyond And With My 3rd Eye İ Can Tune İnto Your Soul **











I have the ability to do remote viewing on whomever you are thinking about, the one you love, your family members, your enemies and I can tell you what they are thinking and even their destiny.

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Languages: English and Turkish

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+02:00) September 24, 2023, 03:43AM

Location: Nicosia  (Find on Google Maps)

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03 Jan 2022 unsatisfactory ranking Kari (unregistered)

Not happy !!! Repeated the same thing for first 5 minutes. Such a waste of money.

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25 Dec 2020 unsatisfactory ranking ten (unregistered)

She just left half way .. I didnt get ten minutes for ten? please refund me ...

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02 Nov 2020 unsatisfactory ranking J (unregistered)

Very rude and made the reading about her self my questions didn’t really matter to her also he just ended the chat when I wanted to do another deal I don’t even think she’s accurate the way she acted with me in this reading

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23 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking silva14

Reader wasbok to start off.then once payment was made I knew all she wanted was the money.she started to give me less than half answers to my questions and then she started taking way too long for each answered and all she talked about was about her abilities and what she could do.well turns out what her ability was/is and wat she's good at is stealing money.she hinged up and didn't refund after asking her for one plus she didn't even finish the reading .don't come to her and I will not remove my post till she refunds my money people want evedince email me at viscogi[email protected] I will let u guys know how she only wants momey

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15 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking

Didn't pick up anything that i was going through, very generic and slow responses. felt like i waisted my money. She then ended the chat abruptly without answering my question...completely fake

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