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hello my name is Vallace and I am a 4th generation psychic I am a spiritual advisor I am gifted a true psychic who specializes in matters of the heart I have the power and knowledge to help and guide you spiritually mentally and psyichaly I have a god given gift to for see and understand the unknown I have the ability to help and guide you in all matters of life such as love marriage career health happieness past present and future I am a world renowned love specialist helping in love and relationship such as marriage divorce helping find your soul mate and twin flame connections i have helped and guided many people through all aspects of life I am very accurate on point I have the ability to connect you with your soulmate I can also tell you if he or she is the one for you I can advise you to your success and guide you on the path of your life my spirit guide will allow me to for see your energy and vibrations allow me to tap into your spiritual realm and guide you on the path of your life

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I have worked for four years with Alison Blue, she had employed me for psychic sessions throughout the new York Connecticut and Massachusetts ficinity for seminars on psychic fairs and seminars! Psychics Have Been Guiding People On All Walks Of Life For Centuries As For Back As Nordstrodomas Psychics Have Been Part of the worlds culture and history many have chosen psychic power to lead them through difficult times in the modern age nancy Reagan and the british royal family are just a for of notable people who choose psychics to get a fresh perspective on life contact me today for a better tomorrow!


Have you ever wondered if you are missing something you get the feeling that your life is just a little bit ‘off’ and perhaps you are not seeing something that you should be seeing wouldn’t it be great if you could get some razor sharp contact lenses for your spirit eye, allowing you to see everything clearly before you, and perhaps discover some additional pathways you would never have seen previously? welcome to VISIONS BY VALLACE, Your Solution in and one of the leading psychic services in the region I would be delighted to help you find the answers that have been evading you and really help you get back on track with your life, there are so many questions that we often have about our lives so many what ifs and could have beens’ wouldn’t it be great if you could actrouly resolve those and turn your mental and spiritual staircase into a free-flowing escalator? no more exerting your self just to find out you still have a hundred stairs to go get yourself a smooth ride to the top! contact VALLACE Today and lets find out what is in store for you tomorrow, together! Vallace Pride her self on her ability to help people after all she is in the business of helping people so what can she do for you well that all just depends on what you need we have tarot card experience and offer tarot reading services we also do fortune telling and offer psychic guidance if your personal energy seems too negative or dark, Vallace can offer you gifted energy healer services please contact her if you have any questions about the services we offer our pricing options I Vallace, Am always happy to provide any information you might need I perform all of my services in a warm nurturing and positive environment, this is because I believe that my spirit is most responsive to this kind of atmosphere, your destiny awaits you and Vallace can help you achieve it!

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15 Nov 2018 excellent ranking confused2018

She’s great!!! Picked up on a lot and gave me hope. I hope her prediction will come true... thank you for your time!!

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08 Nov 2018 excellent ranking Vanessa (unregistered)


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27 Sep 2018 satisfactory ranking littlekiwi

re-read transcript, seemed a bit generic and vague, and asked a few leading questions, which felt like it seemed to determine some answers given, no real 'a-ha' moments here

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18 Feb 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Karishma  (unregistered)

Reading didnt resonate much. It was more in circles “your heart chakra opens up thn shuts” and coz of that things aren’t happening. Wasn’t connected to me or the situation at all.

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18 Feb 2018 excellent ranking pras24

Willing to help, reads well too!

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