I HAVE USED MY PSYCHIC GIFTS TO ASSIST THE FBI AND POLICE OFFICERS SOLVE COLD CASES!!!! It is VERY IMPORTANT for me to be able to connect in LIGHTENING SPEED TIME. My Psychic Accuracy and Precision has SAVED people in LIFE and DEATH situations. I take my gifts seriously. In order to receive a connected Truthful reading my ONE request is for you to be completely Honest. Psychics are "SPIRITUAL READERS" not "MIND READERS". Psychic Secrets and Spiritual Gifts were passed down from my ancestors giving me the gift of accurately predicting future events. I am called upon often to use my psychic abilities to assist those in the entertainment industry and elite circles to make difficult decisions that they faced. I work with love and light energy and I allow myself to be used as a vessel to give you clarity to some of life’s most challenging circumstances. My delivery is Loving,Truthful and Straight forward. I do not participate in Fairy-Tale readings. I do not do refunds.

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When I became an adult I left my community to attend a Metaphysical school called The Association for Research and Enlightenment. There is where I learned how to research and develop my psychic abilities on a mature and expanded level. I explored trans-personal subjects, such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, philosophy and reincarnation. My training soon led me to a career as a Psychic Teacher, where I could actively mentor and develop the talents of budding intuitives, sharing the special knowledge I acquired through training and experience. Later, I returned to my community, where I taught Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Egyptian Tarot Card Reading, and Face Reading classes to students who sought to expand their psychic gifts.


I began working in Virginia with a small group of Psychic and Spiritual healers at a very young age. I began giving dream interpretations for the community and was the youngest psychic ever allowed to participate in astrological readings. It was easy for me because I have a photographic memory. Over the years, I have read numerous metaphysical books, attended many shamanic and astrology workshops and courses, engaged in much inner work, and gradually found my own Truth. I sensed what I could accomplish to bring Heaven on Earth. As a Life Coach and Psychic Healer, I incorporated my healing and channeling practice, working mostly from a distance. I very much enjoy connecting with people through the internet and I have found that distance healing often works better than actually seeing someone in person. Usually remote reading takes less time and it’s been my experience that more healing work is accomplished. That’s why I tend to offer my psychic gifts over the internet or by phone. In the past, you could only reach me by appointment only. Along my psychic journey.I provide healing from a distance, finding it to be an excellent and very efficient choice, if you want to improve the quality of your life. I also love to provide channeling from Spiritual Guides, Light Beings and Angels, a practice that I find quite beautiful!

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06 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking decoy2015

I wasted $15

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06 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking hhildre81

My questions were not answered. I asked them even in the time that I still had credit for and still not answered and you still wanted to charge me more. I only received a reading based on what I already knew about my situation. Nothing about my future at all. I'd like to ask for at least part of my refund back if you can't answer my questions. Thank you.

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30 Jul 2016 unsatisfactory ranking lynnyz80

Because it keep cutting out of my conversation and I couldn't say bye

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09 Apr 2016 unsatisfactory ranking veronique2003

Evil. All she said was not real. She made up stuff for onl $10. I don't mind you can't connect, just say so and we will understand. She threatened me that she will cast a spell on me if I asked for refund. Bitwine, help, you need to do something

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12 Mar 2016 unsatisfactory ranking rosy226

I told you how I felt with my reading with you! I used to get readings here and pay more than what I paid but even if the things they tell me are not the once I wanted to hear but feels satisfied by getting my money's worth... I don't also give negative feedbacks but I have to do one this time... I'm sorry! I'm not asking you to give me a free reading but atleast be considerate enough cause unlike other readers you do connect with us only after the payment has been made and time is running and wasted. Maybe it could be better if you make connection and when done you can start charging us.

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