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Honest accurate affordable Readings~ Find out your Destiny Call Now~ Experienced Professionally on TV And Radio Since 1997 Non Judgemental~ Free Connection for introduction will connect to energy of one involved but No Free Questions~


Honest answers await you, try and see, Find out your destiny~ I offer honest insight into your life path based on the decisions your making.I will always be honest about what I’m shown and will give all information I’m seeing. I seek to help you have a healthier path in the future ahead. I have many years of Television service offering my clients readings at a affordable price. I seek to help you have the healthiest path possible. Good or bad you will receive a honest true path ahead. However you alone are in control of your destiny, if you don’t like something you see you can still change your destiny. In knowing what is about to happen you will have power over it. I have several tarot certifications with many companies and also am a licensed minister. I will not judge you. Allow me to show you the difference in your life knowing can bring. Honest, accurate, insight will be found, call now for your personal reading!

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I am certified through several sites as a master tarot reader. I also am a licensed minister. I have 15 years professional service helping others, and I can help you to. I have several years of television and radio service. I am a Certified Professional Tarot Reader Platinum with the TCO. I am a Licensed Minister~ I am gifted, accurate, and a caring psychic. I have guested on several radio shows, and contribute to a weekly television show advertising my psychic services~


Come experience a reading like you have never had before I am a honest psychic, good at what I do and very experienced.I offer both psychic readings, tarot readings and ministry service ima licensed minister I will tell it as it is good, or bad. Please be prepared for honesty. Everything I tell you, and all else on these pages, is not to give advice or make decisions for you, but only to enlighten your journey to help you on your future paths. Please understand that the responsibility of making life decisions and choosing ones path rests entirely on you. I’m not a medium, nor do I connect to angels or those crossed over. Provide honest answers. Good or bad, you wont get any fluff from me.Im here to help you on the journey show you the outcomes of the choices your making. I want to help you, support you and encourage you. Your not alone on this journey. I strive to provide 5 star service, for you to have a deeper understanding and clearer path from our reading. Please understand the choices you make after our reading can influence the timing of things or the path ahead of you completely. Change the way you think and the things you think of will also change if you don’t like what’s meant Tobe, you can still change your reality and the outcome by changing and taking control over the decisions your making.Ratings are appreciated, not expected but they are welcomed. Thank you for choosing my service, G-d bless you~

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13 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking eva6232

What in the world was this???? I asked about someone's feelings regarding me... She listed them...none of which had anything to do with Romance...or love...and then she went on a repeated rant about how hard of a road it is with this guy in a relationshp...I stated im not in one so not sure what she was talking about....she went on more about it...I didnt ask about this person in regards to romance....but she really just couldnt get off the subject. I asked why....she hung up and blocked me. Just not professional and more than that ...just WRONG.

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14 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking electricpopp

she repeats herself and says the same thing in different sessions.

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20 Mar 2017 unsatisfactory ranking emeraldjones

i thought i had a good reading with her, decent, but tired to re-hire and she had me blocked, i did add money fast enough and she blocked me. wow.

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16 Feb 2017 unsatisfactory ranking peacanbrownie

Although what was said I didn't want to hear but it was truthful. Her predictions came to pass. Hopefully in the future the changes will happen and I look forward to them thank you! I had to change this as she blocked me for no reason. I don't understand. You told me to contact you to have my other question answered but then block me. What is up with that?

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05 Dec 2016 unsatisfactory ranking sassycat30

This psychic has blocked me for no reason , how rude I just tried getting on live and she blocked me. Thanks alot for nothing.

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