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Welcome my name is Cody I offer divine guidance, into many different areas of life. As well as different types of energy healings. My purpose is guiding others to receive there broken pieces back. Feel free to either ask specific questions, or just the area you want me to look at and I will see what I pick up on.

*Spirit only shows me things that have to do with you’re highest good I do nott choose what may come through

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My spiritual journey started in the Church where I realized a few of my gifts one of them being a healer. This led to years of deep spiritual study, training, and faced many hard lessons that took me into my divine mission of helping others and leading them back into the light of the divine. I truly want the best for my clients and it is my pleasure to help you.

Timelines may or may not be given, please keep this in mind when deciding to chose me as time is always shifting

My readings are empowering and will give you tools on how to have that outcome which is desired

The divine often delivers alot all at once so it is best to let the messages flow *


I spent many years searching for the my path until Spirit led me to where I am at now. Dreams were one of the first gifts that really stuck out for me, after that it was feeling energy around others. I have experience working with business owners where we looked at different ways to attract new clients, as well as numerous types of energy healing. One of the thing that had the biggest impact on me is when I did some volunteering in prisons, that’s when I realized the universe was calling me to be a healer. I work with the Divine Light of God utilizing different ancient healing practices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my services or you are in need of some help, these are just a few of the things I can offer"""

Shaman services are by a case by case basis, because it takes a lot of energy I do a free consultation to see exactly what it is you need and we will go from there

Divine Blueprint Healing Sessions $100

Power Animal Retrieval* Giving you spiritual energy back in the form of a animal, it could be a hawk for clarity and intuitive gifts.

Soul Loss Retrieval Through painful experiences we can lose parts of ourselves, I will retrieve those and return them.

Shamanic Reiki Session Chakra balancing through a shamanic journey, can focus on a area you need most physical, emotional, or spiritual healing

Entity Removal Energetic attachments can drain us, cause fear, or place blocks in ourselves from moving past a harmful situation.

Chord Cutting If you cant heal from a harmful situation or relationship cutting those chord is something that can be done. I work closely with the Archangels to do this.


Readings/sessions are not a substitute for any medical, legal, or psychological services and proper help is highly encouraged for each individual

No refunds, or charge-backs, payment is for my time and energy involved in the service.

  • for guidance purposes only
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24 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking caramiadenise

It hurts me to have to put this negative review, but he gave me a prediction on Sunday that I would get contact from someone by the next day or a couple days after, did not want to tune in the day after when I got no contact, told me come back on Wednesday, it is now Thursday and he’s now telling me he doesn’t know when I will get contact. Very distraught and honestly, I’m in tears. Needed to leave this honest review.

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07 Oct 2018 unsatisfactory ranking jlynn21

I am leaving this because I don’t think you picked up on the man I was asking you about. First you told me during our reading I would hear from him that night but I never did. You also were more sure he would cancel our plans for this Saturday Oct 6 then actually follow through with them, well I saw him Saturday and we had an amazing time! I met his friends and his brother and sister in law, his sister in law told me he really likes me a lot and can’t stop talking about me. So your reading to me was very off and confusing. When you asked me if my poi is 28 that’s when I knew you weren’t connected.

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09 Apr 2018 unsatisfactory ranking chasitylynn2001

Unfortunately, nothing he said has panned out. I’ve talked to him a few times and not a single prediction has happened. I really trusted him. Disappointed.

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