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I am a bit different in that I have a full business life outside of my spiritual life and have experienced one of the most challenging love connections requiring saint like patience, due to this I bring real life experience to my no tools needed reading style.

I work best if you come with a question but can also tell you about a person with just their name.

I have angel cards and can work with them, or you can just ask questions and let spirit chat.

I’m not one to tell you what you want to hear so only come to me if you want to truth. Sometimes message don’t always make sense right away but they will.

I can read YEARS in advance for the big important events in your fate, some stuff is just there from day one. I will give time frames when I hear them. Please see below re time frames and fate.

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Real life, to start with, its given me the skills and understanding to be compassionate and not judge.

Iv worked with a number of amazing readers to learn and hone my skills to understand the messages pass on. Whilst for some clients it comes through so clearly its like a chat over a cup of tea. For others I need to use symbols and signs and that takes time to work with your guides to work out how they want to communicate.


Since I was young I just knew stuff, which is how the people around me referred to it.

It showed it’s self in both subtle and intense ways. Subtle ways being the little comments I’d say when being told about a new man or women in someone’s life or when asked my opinion about a career change. More intense ways like experiencing the emotions of people around me going through hard times.

As I went on my communication with spirit turned into intense anxiety which forced me to accept my gift and use it help people through passing on what I hear and feel. I guess spirit got impatient waiting for me to work out they wanted to chat LOL.

I often have friends calling me to advise I was in their words ‘bloody right again’ and have learnt to just pass on the message as is and trust the person on the other end will understand either now or in the years and or months to come.

I have read both online and in person for a number of years now and have a high degree of accuracy, however please understand, reading is not an exact science and take interpretation. I once was explaining this to someone and kept using the example of hearing the words pink dog, she stopped me to ask why I was saying that, I had no idea I was just hearing it. Turns out she was looking at her dog with a PINK collar … see its all in the interpretation.

TIMEFRAMES: I can read YEARS ahead, and will give time frames when shown them. I don’t believe they change however some are more set in stone then others, depending on how it fits within your fate and how it affects other events.

FATE/DESTINY: I believe and have been shown we all have a fate, its going to happen no matter what you do, its up to you to get to those points ready for the next step. Its spirits job to get everything else in motion and trust me some of the things I have seen, if your meant to connect with someone you will, if your meant to get a certain job you will, if you meant to reconnect with a past love you will, if your meant to be kept out of danger you will … EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

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31 Jul 2016 excellent ranking zeza5

Thank you!

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05 Jul 2016 excellent ranking taash

Thankyou so much sorry I couldn't say good bye :)

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12 May 2016 excellent ranking gatorgurl19

Thank you for a wonderful reading!

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04 May 2016 excellent ranking taash

Very accurate , with very few details. Also caring and friendly thank you

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29 Feb 2016 unsatisfactory ranking rejoice2014

Not happy at all to say the least. Seemed wishy washy. Sucks when you get a reader that tries to retract what they started off saying or act as if they knew what they were talking about, because they were caught clearly going off on the wrong tangent. I was not given a straight forward answer and I have the transcript to prove it. Also, to say that I was give "lots" of info is not true. Moreover, the information given was contradictory and ambiguous. The only thing clear about the reading is that I would not recommend her. Sadly wanting answers is not the same thing as wanting to argue. Would definitely like a refund!

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