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Natalia Spiritualist!I Specialize in Love And Relationships, Reuniting Soulmates And Help Guide You To "The One"


Achieving Peace, Balance And Harmony In Your Life Begin Your Journey Now Offers In Depth,Accurate And Unique Readings Regarding Your Past, Present And Future.

I treat every client as a friend and treat their issues as if they are my own. not only will i see your problem, but i will help you find a way To fix The matter. i will help You discover the spiritual purpose of your current (Or Last) love or relationship. i can help to show you the path to finding your way back into your loved ones heart or showing you the path to moving on.

I have read and helped thousands of people. I am a seer, a spiritual healer, and an energy reader. I literally sense the energy that is around you and those you care about. My guide then shares information with me about you and them.My readings are subtle but powerful. You will be left feeling healed, enlightened, and uplifted.

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I have many years experience in dealing with all matters of the heart, mind, body and soul and now here working on bitwine.. i’m also on kasamba, keen, and other psychic networks. No matter what the problem maybe: Love Marriage Business Cheating, Divorce Gay Romance I will give you answer’s you can trust.- Is your relationship over? – Should you walk away or give it one more try? Do you feel hurt and let down despite a complete commitment? Is there anyone else interfering in your relationship? Does this relationship have a future? Can you rediscover the love? Relationships (love, emotions, marriage, attractiveness, family. Work (success, tension, talent, Well-being (health, stress, sleep, self-care, self-acceptance. Spirituality (fulfillment, goals, connections, belief, insight, gift.

My ability to receive messages from my guides, allows me to be able to help you understand your situation and know what direction to take to resolve the issues facing you.


my name is natalia, I am a natural born, 3rd generation Licensed Psychic. i have been professionally doing readings since i was 10 years old. I have A established business in where i perform readings full time, i come here to bitwine to expand and reach people far and wide. i have the abilities to see, feel, and heal. whether you are feeling defeated by negative forces in life or you just simply need a look ahead i can guide you thru it spiritually. I don’t use any tools except your aura and energy helping people with Chakra Balancing, Healing and meditation i also do tarot cards palm readings astrology past lives healing relationships health business chakra healing aura healing and divine advice

I am one of three spiritual experts in my family. We have a heritage of psychic gifts and have all been mentored by our grandmother who taught us all how to tap into our gifts and use them in helping others. My grandmother not only taught me how to use my gifts, but how to ease the burden of others with them.

I have been working as a spiritual clairvoyant for 28 years. Its very uplifting and rewarding to help people in this way and now I am extending my services nation wide. I have helped many people create positive changes in their lives Helping people to heal themselves I have helped with psychic protection Past lives and why the cycles keep repeating themselves for you and the fear of insecurity with your love one or lost love I have had much success through Out my teachings and bringing your partner back the destiny of being with one another I can guide you into manifestation to true happiness as a clairvoyant,

NOTE:Please remember that nothing is truly written in stone, God himself gave us free-will and we can do and change anything in our lives. all people that do consult me for any advice concerning the future can EASILY change the future by choice, And by living life differently. making different choices for them self, choosing different paths, although i will help guide and direct you into choosing the right path making the right decisions.

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13 Feb 2022 excellent ranking chinadoll74

Wonderful reading

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07 Feb 2022 excellent ranking mariumhussaina

omg so on point loved my call with her, def coming back and praying her predictions come to pass as i am certain and manifesting they will!

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27 Jan 2022 excellent ranking nicola80

Natalie said ‘3’ and it happened 3 days later ❤️

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15 Jan 2022 excellent ranking chante27

Excellent reading!!! She was in-tuned to my situation and accurate very kind reader. I will be back again soon. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! ❤️❤️❤️

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04 Dec 2021 excellent ranking froggiegirl80


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