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Channeling Spirit Guides and Angels


I was born with the gift of Intuitive vision which my family refers to as Divine Sight, we have come to know this as a gift of Holy Spirit. I have always helped others with this wonderful gift and feel as if I was chosen to do so. Describing visions of a fatal car accident, to save one who was meant to live longer and finding a stolen vehicle are among my favorite stories to tell.

I believe Heaven is in us. I am at times blessed to catch a glimpse inside with the ability to sense loved ones who have passed on, as well as angels and guides. I see visions, hear audible guidance from the still small voice within as your spirit guides and angels are always walking along side you. I feel and sense thoughts and impressions, as well as feelings that people have in your focus, as we work to share in spirit to assist you. You never have to be alone! It’s a New light with higher wisdom, Newlight Angel, guide. My tools of choice are Healing Angels for Inspiration.

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I belong to several networks world wide and hold a 5 star rating on each of them as well as own my own site. I have been blessed to work with precinct’s and Investigators and law enforcement to aid in solving of major crimes as well as missing and abducted children. I have come to know this as my purpose, my mission in life and I’m passionate with my work, giving all I can to each and every client.


My career started over 20 years ago with major networks and personal sessions in my community, events with groups that ended up with factories of people gathering to come session with me. I developed a business of just being myself, my nature coming out in just simply seeing and sensing but finally feeling free to just share my visions and impressions. It took my life over by storm. Each and every client I cherish, most of them still with me today! I am so blessed to share in spirit channeling the angels guidance with people all over the world. I tend to see things at a soul level and while channeling into the soul patterns of those who come to me for sessions, I hear and see impressions of higher conscious awareness. I have come to know this as Divine Spirit, Angels and Guides for the way it comes out to be so helpful and life changing and as many say to me spot on, it can only be from Grace. My work in assisting the sweet spirits here in this world is my life, my mission. What I love most about my work is proving to clients that they are not alone and that all things are possible with faith. Sometimes it only takes a new vision to see things clearly, a new outlook on your situation. That’s why I call my business Newlight, for there is always higher truth when you can find a new light!

All Paid readings are Final, No Refunds given, under any circumstances. Intuitive, spirit counsel, reading soul patterns and advising, while working in Spirit is a time based service, you pay for the time spent sharing insights with me.

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23 Apr 2020 excellent ranking member0910

Thank you! Praying for Christmas prediction!

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26 Feb 2020 excellent ranking frenchhorse

Thank you so much--it wouldn't let me write more. But I really appreciate your help and you were wonderful, so clear!

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01 Aug 2019 unsatisfactory ranking eva6232

So after all her reading made no sense...I came back to free chat to tell her what didnt make sense...she never responded and then BLOCKED ME. Really??? I cant imagine any spiritual person NOT Wanting to know why their reading was off and then BLOCKING the person... are you embarrassed? In Denial? A Narcissist? Borderline Personality Disorder where you can't accept being wrong? Very Strange and Immature reaction dont ya think???

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01 Aug 2019 unsatisfactory ranking eva6232

Wow....Well I paid two $20 sessions to try and quickly ask my questions....She made up some love story that doesnt exist in any way. I had asked if this person was contacting me and for what, she made up a whole story about how he is "checking in with me" as if we are friends...but we are NOT. I asked what his feelings towards me are...and she came up with passionate romance and how this person doesnt want to lose me...uhmmmmm - Firstly this isnt a love story...but even it was....If this person loved me he'd be contacting me with a 1000 apologies for all the evil things he has done to me...He doesnt want to lose me??? Uhmmm I cant imagine ANYONE thinking they dont want to LOSE me and doing the things He's Done. Really????

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20 Jun 2019 excellent ranking sq1987

Awesome !!! She picked up so fast . I didn’t even tell her I was in the medical field and she knew herself !!!!! She’s the real deal . Like if someone can pick up without me telling her I’m in the medical field she the real deal !!! Thanks :)

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