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Are you looking for a different experience concerning Life and its Questions? YOU have power and I help you reclaim it. TO CHANGE OURSELVES and OUR WORLD we all must reclaim OUR personal power. I help you to understand the BIG PICTURE! Using God Given Gifts, I do Aura/Karmic/Tarot/Angel Readings, and when and IF God provides, I will give physic readings as well . Most importantly I employ Zero Point Field Prayer on Your Behalf. I explain Probabilities Vs. Possibilities of the choices you have made to get you where you currently are and I teach you Pro Active Choices that reshape your life. I help you to enjoy the responsibility of YOUR own life, to feel a sense of purpose for having this life and a fulfillment that only comes from living your life according to your contract with Heaven or that from which you come.

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I am a strong proponent of KARMA and its affects on us and our lives. My focus is comporting myself in a manner benefiting the whole. My desire is to EMPOWER all people so that this world can once again become whole, nurturing, life sustaining and healing for all of us living on it.

I love MY CREATOR, GOD with all my being and I have devoted the last sixteen years to just this without any other power over my life as a whole. I do not live the life of the so called deemed normal people but one more akin to that of a monk.

I have had a lifetime of experience beginning from the age of four years old. Starting with angelic rescues and visits, Angels and Guardian Angels visits, tutelage, and teachings, Veridical Dreams and dreaming, NDE/OBE’s, ET experiences, ESP, Precognition, Clairalience, Clairambience, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance. Demonstrable Cosmic Consciousness. Fortune telling using cards with added depth and perceptions using psi ability.

Proven phenomenon via picture/photographs of spiritual alchemy wherein objects changed while being held in my hands. Strong intuitive and empath.

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08 Jul 2008 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

good person and good advisor

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08 Jul 2008 excellent ranking Guest (unregistered)

i will be back

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