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Tarot readings, Intuitive, Empath, Clear and Insightfull Advice with Instant Connection, Will Offer Detailed Answers. No Sugarcoat, Power Reading ! Unmatched Accuracy in Timelines and Predictions. Commpassion, Truth, Morality and Healing


clients comment:,,ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.HIGHLY RECOMMEND.finds deep hidden secrets.and lies and what has past, now and future so accurate.’’ providing answers to questions like : ,,when will he/she contact me?’‘ ,,what does he/she feel for me’‘or ,,will this current relationship work?’‘

I can do month by month description of the situation for an YEAR:love, career

I offer CONNECTION TEST before hire so therefore i do not offer refunds if the connection proven to be genuine before you decided to hire me !... I value your time as a client with great respect, please value and respect my time also. I do not do free readings and i do not read for unregistered clients !...

I respond to all kinds of issues: from material wordly ones to spiritual higher ones. Love, relationships, money, business, family, important decisions, or different profound spiritual matters. Don't ask the Tarot if you are not prepared for the TRUTH. You will get a very realistic reading, so no sugarcoating happens here !...
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Master diploma in esoteric philosophy with more than 10 years of study and experience in the spiritual and esoteric field.

I finished the faculty of philosophy with also a degree into esoteric sciences.

Also, being so passionate about esotericism i took on the study of initiatic (secret) societies. So, morality is the law by wich i act in every aspect of my life.

I am initiated into Shekhem healling arts, one of the most powerfull healling sistem derrived from Ancient Egypt. Shekhem meaning: The Power of All Powers that comes from the Divine itself and is the Divine itself. I also can do distance scry, pick up information, give peace to a certain loved one or healling, blessing, whatever the client needs for a positive change in his life with instant effects.

I have already written a book about indo-european spiritual practices and i also occasionaly use runes togheter with tarot to enchance the readings accuracy.


I have studied both oriental and occidental spiritual paths. Kabbalah, yoga, magick, tarot, golden dawn and many other. I am in present a full practicioner of tarot divination and magic.

I am also an empath, i can sense the emotional state of you or of persons that you are asking about. For me, every tarot card i take out of the deck is a doorway to a future event, an important person in your life or who will become important, or even a single thought of someone directed to you. I feel the vibrations of an event and can have intuitive flashes during a reading.

I dealt with a wide variety of esoteric paths and experiences. Tarot is the path that suits best for my heart and i intend to helph people all my life with it. 
       I practice radiestezic intuition and i plan to insert in my future readings, my Pendulum, for an extra tool of spiritual vision upon whatever issue is concerning you.
When i do Tarot readings i invoke the archangel of the Tarot, so we are never alone in my readings. So, he comes bearing peace and can aid me to give more love and compassion to my clients, because the reading in itself is a healing process. 
I can make complex readings from the Star of David with 7 cards to 21 cards  or even the entire 78 cards of tarot layed down for you to have the best vision and insight upon yourself, an event, or a person.

using for the readings:

myself as the main tool.

Visconti Tarot, Thoth Tarot, Oniric Tarot of Tamara, Golden Dawn Tarot, WildWood Tarot

ansa- with accurate yes/ no questions and percentages and timeframes provided also.

life numerology analysis, on year, month and day with specific descriptions. we can zoom in into any specific area of past, present and future and deal with the aspects indepth as possible. The past present and future are one in the eyes of eternity. Our spirit is beyond time and space thats why we can go beyond the limitations of our human identity to pick up relevant info

I have also indepth experience with spirit guides and angels that help me also in my Tarot readings.

May you all find peace in your life and be blessed with the true knowledge that brings about only happynes and Divine Light ! Blessings.

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04 Jan 2021 unsatisfactory ranking lolalo

I am actually sorry for this review but in my last reading I was told that the “timeframe is 100% available” and “*event* is within 4 months for sure... this is a guarantee”. That deadline is a few days from now and yet checking in today to see it’s on track, I got different timeframes (not to happen within the next few days). I didn’t like that I was being told that it matches the previous reading when I can clearly see it does not. How am I meant to have trust in the insights to read again?

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06 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking sadinchicago

100% off tonight. I won’t be contacting you again.

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12 Apr 2020 unsatisfactory ranking rae90

Prediction didn’t happen

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12 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking netta2147

He's in a relationship, please refund.

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18 Jun 2015 unsatisfactory ranking Brenda14 (unregistered)

he's a bit slow and should lower price and in the US, we are paying a free since he's oversea. Also, about the first half of my time was wasted as he gave me a reading on present job...and i was asking him when a new job and where was coming in. He takes about 5 min to post his reading after each question. he kept going back and fourth between present job future job. Gave me details about present job...again i wasn't asking about present job. SO that was wasted time/money. i asked him to move since he was giving me info about present job. "rolls eyes" I don't recommend him since he waste your money. even when you make it clear to him to only focus on your questions...he has a hard tiem doing that. I also asked about love and it ws very general. a man is coming who is a water sign or could be coming in a water sign-IDK. The timeslines are not timeless...there's a 5 connected to it...could be 5 days, 5 weeks, 5months, or on the 5th of a month. WTF????

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