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★ 1 person/topic per reading please ★ NO health/police/legal/interview outcome questions

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I offer readings using spirit guides, crystals and tarot cards. I am an empath who is blessed with the gift of the 4 C’s – claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Clear, concise, no sugar coated readings.

Romina’s Readings Australia ~ 26yrs experience on several platforms ~

❤️Blessings, Romina❤️



As life progresses, we swap/change paths often, for this reason I only give SHORT TERM READINGS and read energies/progress if you stay on your CURRENT path

THIS MY FULL TIME JOB – Free minutes is for new client introductions or QUICK updates only, no free extensions. This is my primary source of income, I must charge for my time as speaking with you makes me unavailable to other clients, thank you for respecting this.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Intuitive empath – I read Tarot and feel your energy and the progress of your CURRENT path. Predictions and reading based on the path you are asking about.

Predictions and timing is fluid, as they are largely based on your/your POI’s daily choices – I get pieces of puzzles and it makes the picture but it is difficult to put it in linear time, I work with spirit so they are giving me this information but they do not think in a linear way.

I DO NOT answer specific event questions such as interview outcomes or "will he come Saturday", "when will he contact me", no long term questions such as "who will I marry" etc. I ONLY pass on what spirit gives me


This service is open to interpretation and for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always remember that the choices you make are your own



★ PLEASE check my per minute rate and add enough to cover your reading, adding $10-$20 every 2 minutes is disruptive and frustrating as it blocks the flow of the reading. YO ARE ONLY charged for the time you use, so any extra funds return to your account.

★ I WILL only answer one question at a time. Please do not send several questions as time is running out as I need to shuffle or connect for each question. If your time is ending, I will finish answering the question I am CURRENTLY working on until the funds end. Time can be extended to answer anything else.

★ SHORT TERM READINGS – 1 month readings if you remain on your CURRENT path.

This is my main source of income, we pay a high commission here so I cannot afford to chat for free – thank you for your understanding.

★ INBOX NOT MONITORED. Messages will not come through.

★ Please be reasonable in your expectations of me. I do not have full conversations with spirit (unfortunately), so I can only pass on messages that come through to guide you on your current path. ★★★

I don’t take false reviews lightly, if during the session you are happy with the reading and then change your review because you want predictions to happen sooner than advised, or regret spending the money, I will have to report this to Bitwine along with a copy of the transcript.


WHEN USING MY SERVICES, YOU AGREE AND UNDERSTAND THAT all readings are for entertainment purposes only and NOTHING is set in stone.

You agree that you are your country’s minimum age requirement to use this site & that services received are subject to your own interpretation.

I am here to guide you, information passed on is not set in stone and for entertainment purposes only. Live life based on your needs and instincts, as you are responsible for consequences based on your actions/choices.

NOTE! Please mention the words "I agree" in the intro line so I know you have read my full profile.

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Languages: English, Italian

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$7.99 per minute (after your approval)

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30 Apr 2023 satisfactory ranking geebunny

Sorry to have ran out of time but many thanks for your help today

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25 Mar 2023 satisfactory ranking drea86045

Straight forward & fast response. Feeling hopeful.

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21 Feb 2021 satisfactory ranking empressgarden

I felt the tone of this reading was a little off- after many on point sessions- I have definitely been helped by this reader in the past but this session seemed a little dismissive of my POI and my long standing relationship with him just when movement forward is happening and after a not to long ago past reading when progress was confirmed. A little thrown off and bummed by what felt off from past readings. Thank you for all your efforts though, I have definitely been helped by your guidance.

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11 Dec 2018 satisfactory ranking a112282

Let’s hope for the best

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05 Jun 2015 satisfactory ranking prayer389

I have to change this review - many of her LONG TERM predictions over the course of months never came true and it is impossible to schedule a session with her to discuss my current situation. I trusted her too much and it was proved to be false. I hope your experience with her is better but my advice is to take it with a grain of salt. I see no harm in stating that readings with her were SATISFACTORY - I have not stated they are unsatisfactory but they were certainly not excellent either. I will always be honest in stating that her services were satisfactory at best.

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