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My name is Romina, I offer readings using spirit guides, crystals and tarot cards.

I have had this gift since I was little, with accurate intuition and a sense of “knowing”.

I am blessed with the gift of the 4 C’s (claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience) and use these to deepen and compliment my tarot readings.

Existing clients please note: as per Bitwine policies, the 3 free minutes is only for new client introductions, so charge will begin immediately upon answering an existing client’s call


20 years’ experience using the same name across websites & social media ⭐ THANK YOU

❤️Blessings, Romina❤️

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We have multiple paths in life, I check the path you are on or about to choose and give a general outlook for the next month if you stay on the current path. If I am shown several paths, I will give predictions for each path, giving you control of outcomes

★ Sorry I do not give Timeframes or Interview Outcomes ★

EMPATHS pass on what people are feeling and how paths will progress, I can only pass on what spirit gives me, so I cannot answer specific questions such as "will he come this saturday", "when will he contact me", "when will he read my message" etc .

20 mins $110


This service is open to interpretation and for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always remember that the choices you make are your own



PLEASE avoid constant top ups as it interrupts the flow of the reading. Check my P.M. rate and add enough funds for your reading

★ SHORT TERM READINGS – only current energies and next month for CURRENT PATH. Please do not come and ask me who your future husband will be and how the next few years will pan out. I cannot look at long term it would take hours of reading time. During a reading sometimes I will pick up events which are months or years ahead, if this happens it is something spirit wants you to know now but I cannot look deeper into that prediction.

★ I can’t look at health related questions including pregnancies these will NOT show up in a reading.

★ Sorry no Free readings/chatting. Please let me know if you do not feel I am connected within the first few minutes as I do not offer refunds at the end of the session.

★ INBOX NOT MONITORED. Messages will not come through.

★ Third Party readings. Sorry but I will not seek information of other’s relationships unless spirit needs you to know.

★ Please be reasonable in your expectations of me. I do not have full conversations with spirit (unfortunately), so I can only pass on messages that come through to guide you on your current path. ★★★

I don’t take false reviews lightly, if during the session you are happy with the reading and then change your review because you want predictions to happen sooner than advised, or regret spending the money, I will have to report this to Bitwine along with a copy of the transcript.

★ I do not provide readings in relation to lost items, police matters, medical (including pregnancies these will NOT show up in a reading), legal matters or outcomes. I only provide spiritual and personal guidance.


WHEN USING MY SERVICES, YOU AGREE AND UNDERSTAND THAT all readings are for entertainment purposes only and NOTHING is set in stone. You agree that you are your country’s minimum age requirement to use this site & that services received are subject to your own interpretation. I am here to guide you, please NEVER choose a path or base your life choices based of what a psychic has predicted or told you. Nothing is set in stone and you are responsible for consequences based on your actions/choices.

Should you choose to hire me, please note you are agreeing to pay for the advice given at the time of the service, with no expressed or implied warranties.

If you choose to hire me you agree and understand the above guidelines and terms and conditions

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Languages: English, Italian

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+10:00) March 22, 2023, 01:19PM


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$6.35 per minute (after your approval)

⭐ 20 minutes $110 ⭐

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19 Mar 2023 excellent ranking Meg (unregistered)

Dead on with what caused the breakup and saw the stop/start progress we are on already. I asked her a million questions and the details were accurate and calming. Thank you Romina!

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19 Mar 2023 excellent ranking forevermoreashley111 (unregistered)

Spent way over my budget— but thanks for your insight.

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17 Mar 2023 excellent ranking angel228


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17 Mar 2023 excellent ranking Pink (unregistered)

Romina is super gifted! Everything she picks up are spot on!!!

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16 Mar 2023 excellent ranking Azra (unregistered)

Thank you Romina. All I can say is WOW! What a brilliant advisor, provided details that were mind blowing, detailed and super accurate! Thank you for being so kind and honest also, everyone needs to experience a reading with Romina! I am blown away by the accuracy and the details and will be returning again. Highly Recommend!!!

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