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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION before calling. As an Empath I check your CURRENT path and only pass on what I am shown⭐


☼ Welcome ☼

I offer readings using spirit guides, crystals and tarot cards. I am an empath NOT a psychic who is blessed with the gift of the 4 C’s (claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience). I use these gifts to compliment and deepen my tarot readings. Clear, concise, no sugar coated readings.

★ 1 person or topic per reading please ★ NO health/police/legal/interview outcome questions ★ CURRENT ENERGIES WITH SHORT TERM VIEW (1 month) unless spirit passes on a later prediction

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Romina’s Readings Australia ~ 26 years experience working on several sites ~ THANK YOU

❤️Blessings, Romina❤️

PLEASE NOTE THIS MY FULL TIME JOB, NOT A HOBBY – I have to charge for my time as speaking with you makes me unavailable to other clients - I also work on several platforms so I may not be able to take your call immediately.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


I am an intuitive empath that reads Tarot and feels your energy and progress of current path, I am not just a psychic. I no longer give timeframes, as them happening are largely based on your/your POI’s daily choices. They also restrict people from progressing naturally as they will live by that prediction, blocking emotional growth.

I DON’T answer specific event questions such as interview outcomes or "will he come Saturday", "when will he contact me" etc, I ONLY pass on what spirit gives me

We have multiple paths in life, If I am shown several paths I will look at progress for each path for you, giving you control of your life choices.


This service is open to interpretation and for entertainment purposes ONLY. Always remember that the choices you make are your own



★ SHORT TERM READINGS – only current energies and next month for CURRENT PATH. Please do not come and ask me who your future husband/wife will be etc…. I cannot look at long term it would take hours of reading time.

★ Sorry no Free readings/chatting. Please let me know if you do not feel I am connected within the first few minutes as I do not offer refunds at the end of the session.

★ INBOX NOT MONITORED. Messages will not come through.

★ Please be reasonable in your expectations of me. I do not have full conversations with spirit (unfortunately), so I can only pass on messages that come through to guide you on your current path. ★★★

I don’t take false reviews lightly, if during the session you are happy with the reading and then change your review because you want predictions to happen sooner than advised, or regret spending the money, I will have to report this to Bitwine along with a copy of the transcript.


WHEN USING MY SERVICES, YOU AGREE AND UNDERSTAND THAT all readings are for entertainment purposes only and NOTHING is set in stone.

You agree that you are your country’s minimum age requirement to use this site & that services received are subject to your own interpretation.

I am here to guide you, information passed on is not set in stone and for entertainment purposes only. Live life based on your needs and instincts, as you are responsible for consequences based on your actions/choices.

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01 Mar 2024 excellent ranking jill2528

Romina is the best at reading other people's intentions and feelings. I love her!!! Thank you so much!! :)

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01 Mar 2024 excellent ranking nickick

Always amazing

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29 Feb 2024 excellent ranking galveias79

The most amazing pure hearted lady on here so wise so accurate she has helped me when I’ve felt so lost and empowered me I adore her ♥️

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28 Feb 2024 excellent ranking jill2528

Reading with Romina gave me a lot of clarity. She's incredibly accurate about my POI. She knew things without me mentioning it to her. She's an excellent empath!!! I would say that she is accurate with my current situation with my POI. Thank you Romina!!! :)

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27 Feb 2024 excellent ranking Missishaeve  (unregistered)

Truly gifted!!!!

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