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Are you ready to meet someone really worthy of your heart?

Are you in a relationship and have no idea where it’s going?

Are you feeling stuck in your career and wondering if you’ll land your dream job or secure a promotion?

Whether it’s a life, love, money or career dilemma, I provide a confidential space to ask whatever’s on your mind and know that the Angelic Guides will dive right in and answer what you need to know.

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Please Be Aware of My Karma Friendly Policies:

★ I only read for clients 21 and older.

★ I don’t offer legal, health or general readings, nor do I give exact timelines or false hope.

★ I’m also not a mind reader, so please be prepared to interact with me, have an open dialogue and specific questions ready for your session.

★ A thorough reading on your situation requires at least 10 minutes of paid time. It takes time to connect with my Guides and deliver accurate information.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

☀ Certified Usui Reiki Master

☀ Angel Therapy Practitioner

☀ Gateway Dreaming Coach

☀ Certified Tarot Reader

☀ Intuitive Numerologist


25+ years of professional experience. I’ve trained with some of the brightest luminaries in the industry, and bring that wisdom and expertise into my sessions.

DISCLAIMER: By law, I am required to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only. No refunds will be provided. You are paying for my time and energy in session, not for a guarantee of any outcome.

★★ In order to get the best experience from our session, please be open to the guidance coming through, even if it’s not what you hoped to hear. My A-team of spiritual allies want the best for you, and don’t sugar-coat if they feel you need to course-correct or open your eyes to a new perspective to get to a place that supports your happiness + success.

★★ A reading will show you the likeliest of outcomes based on the path you’re on today. You are constantly re-writing your future based on the choices and actions you take, so nothing is ever set in stone.

★★ If you don’t like what a reading reveals, it’s up to you to change things. I only deliver what I’m shown intuitively. So please don’t shoot the messenger or rate based on what you hoped to hear.

Ready? Let’s do this!

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07 Sep 2016 excellent ranking dianasaurus

very honest and doesn't sugarcoat, much appreciated

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30 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking end.amaia

I am gutted to leave this, but I did not feel the messages conveyed were from my guides. Their love and kindness which usually accompany their messages were utterly missing. Oh course, one might say that I did not accept the predictions that were made and did not want to hear the truth. I know the voice of my guides, her messages contradict what they usually tell me. And her advice was sharply and bluntly put, without understanding of my personal situation. Of course, this reading contradicted everything she said in the previous one.. Just not my cup of tea..

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27 Aug 2016 excellent ranking dianasaurus

Highly recommend

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07 May 2016 excellent ranking brenda_h

She's really cool.

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27 Apr 2016 excellent ranking marycate23

Wonderful! Will update when finished!

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